Ulrich Huber

Senior Knowledge Expert, Cologne, Germany


Deep Benchmarking Automotive Quality

Quality has always defined great automotive brands, which is why the industry works so hard to achieve it today. By participating in McKinsey’s comprehensive new quality benchmarking effort, automakers can gauge their quality efforts against the world’s best in ways that go far beyond publically available research.

Building (or Rebuilding) a High-Performing Quality Organization

Like a company's competitive position itself, organizations' quality goals must continually evolve to match the current and expected future needs of customers. From the QC function's perspective, leaders need to acknowledge that what worked in the past might not deliver the expected results today. Learn how companies can confidently achieve new levels of quality-function performance or revitalize formerly high-functioning QC departments.

Could a New Business Model Emerge in the Automotive Industry?

Has the time come for automotive OEMs to consider abandoning production? This article takes a look at the possible rise of "functional OEMs" that could take over the manufacturing aspect of the business and leave car companies to focus entirely on branding and marketing.

Cut Development Time and Raise Standards with Quality Gates

By cutting development time while improving quality, quality gates can help take emerging-market OEMs to the next competitive level in a world of virtual design.

Cashing in on a Quality Transformation

Companies can generate the cash they need by driving waste, re-work, and warranty costs out of the system via a quality transformation. Learn how managers can improve their quality performance, generate additional free cash flow, and position the company on a winning path for when the economy starts to turn around.

Return to Sender: Resolving the Automotive-Recall Resurgence

Automotive recalls represent a large and growing problem for automakers worldwide. McKinsey explores the digital origins of many recalls, and suggests some solutions.