Ulrich Gersch

Associate Principal, Munich

Ulrich Gersch is Associate Principal in McKinsey's Munich office and member of McKinsey’s global Automotive & Assembly sector. During the past 7 years, Ulrich has served clients in Europe, the US and Asia with a focus on emerging market strategies. Ulrich has also been responsible for several market research studies on the future of Chinese and Indian societies.


Controlling Car Company Complexity

Automakers face a rising tide of complexity that threatens to swamp product schedules, quality performance, and cost targets – a trend clearly exacerbated by the current financial and economic crises. Learn why complexity for its own sake destroys value for both automakers and their customers, and how to attack it on three distinct levels. 

Forecasting Demand in Highly Dynamic Emerging Markets

McKinsey & Company has developed and implemented a new methodology for forecasting demand in emerging markets, “nonlinear demand forecasting.” The approach takes into account the rapid changes that occur in developing economies, thus boosting the accuracy of forecasts for such markets. In the current climate of short-term market volatility and a high degree of managerial uncertainty, companies that base strategies on long-term trends and macroeconomic drivers will be better positioned to identify opportunities. Learn how nonlinear demand forecasting can help you avoid massive misinvestments.