Ting Wu

Partner, Shenzhen, China

Ting is a partner based in Shanghai who has extensive experience serving global automakers and suppliers. He also has broad experience in serving industrial players and private equity funds. Ting currently leads the future mobility service line in China and is a coauthor of our latest perspectives on new energy vehicles in China. Functionally, Ting is the hub leader for corporate finance in McKinsey Greater China

Recent examples of his work in the future mobility space include:

  • Supporting an NEV-focused fund to identify investment opportunities and formulate fund strategies
  • Helping several OEMs adjust their overall strategies and product planning in the light of NEV developments and new mobility trends
  • Supporting a leading shared-mobility company on a series of strategic topics related to market entry, new business models, and partner selection
  • Assisting a new OEM in the NEV space in building up its organization, governance, and key business functions and processes, and leading a cross-functional and cross-cultural team to launch the client’s first-generation product
  • Leading a large-scale transformation project for over 4 years for a major local automotive OEM in China
  • Helping a global automotive OEM integrate its sales company into a new joint venture with a major Chinese state-owned enterprise

Prior to joining McKinsey, Ting has worked at Lehman Brothers conducting equity research on the North America airlines industry.


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