Stephan Mohr

Partner, Munich, Germany

Stephan Mohr is a Partner in the Munich office of McKinsey & Company. He is a core group member of the European Product Development practice.

His client work focuses on the automotive & assembly, high-tech, aerospace, consumer electronics, and white consumer goods industries.


Balancing R&D Utilization to Achieve Maximum Productivity

Rather than trying to achieve the highest utilization rates for their R&D resources, companies are learning that a more balanced approach to resource use can more effectively drive R&D productivity.

Great FITS: Moving From Ideas to Savings

As cost-reduction challenges mount, automakers need a structured way to generate, evaluate, and determine the best ideas to reduce materials costs. McKinsey has developed a way to move "from ideas to savings" (FITS) during design-to-value initiatives quickly and concretely.

Optimizing Printed Circuit Board Costs

As printed circuit boards (PCBs) continue to proliferate on the vehicle platform, companies face greater pressure to optimize their cost base in order to remain globally competitive. The four-step process described in this article can help leaders achieve their cost-savings goals without compromising quality, reliability, or durability.

Sustainable Design

Pressure to produce greener products continues to build, but designs can only deliver real benefits if they make both economic and environmental sense. Companies seeking this balance can group green design decisions into three distinct categories, each calling for a different approach to the design process.