Sha Sha

Principal, Hong Kong, China

  • Principal, based in the Hong Kong Office
  • Leader of the Advanced Industry Practice in Greater China
  • Serves clients in the automotive, assembly and equipment industry on product development, growth strategy, sales transformation and post-merger integration in China, Europe and U.S.


Finding the Fast Lane: Emerging Trends in China’s Automotive Market

A new survey on China’s new car consumers paints a contrasting picture of slowing growth, expanding car-buying sophistication, and potentially attractive customer segments through 2020. Ride along as McKinsey explores the changing dynamics of the world’s largest automotive market.

Changing Lanes: China Auto 2020

While China’s continued dominance seems assured through the end of the decade, a number of major trends now roiling the automotive market could make business as usual obsolete.

China's Car Dealers: Bust or New Boom?

As China's automotive retail market environment becomes more complex, dealer groups need to concentrate on achieving operational excellence in order to maintain their profitability. Many groups will have to diversify their business portfolios to sustain profitable growth, and in the process embrace digital innovations to provide superior customer experience. Learn how leaders can effectively blunt the cash-draining forces currently at work in the industry and position their organizations to ride China's next auto retailing S-curve

Getting to Know China's Premium Car Market

China's premium car market could soon become the largest in the world. Learn why this emerging market is becoming the place to be for global premium automakers and how the consumers driving this surge have evolved over the past decade.

The Future of China’s Premium Car Market

Want to know more about China’s premium car market but missed the live presentation on it? Now you can view a recorded version of McKinsey & Company’s webcast, “Upward Mobility: The Future of China’s Premium Car Market”. Given the segment’s explosive growth and rising importance, OEMs seeking a share of this market need to redouble their efforts to understand what Chinese luxury and performance car buyers really want.

Market Upshift: Assessing China's Premium Car Potential

With China's premium car sales on track to overtake those of the US market, OEMs need to develop a better understanding of what moves the country's luxury and performance car buyers, and where they're going from here.

McKinsey Report: Advanced Marketing and Sales for Advanced Industries

Marketing and sales (M&S) can be an invaluable source of competitive advantage within the Advanced Industries sector. However, the power of M&S is often underestimated, playing second fiddle to "technical" functions in terms of CEO priorities. McKinsey & Company's new brochure covering 10 vital M&S topics reveals how taking a step forward in terms of sophistication and mastery in M&S can quickly pay off.

Taking Advantage of China's Diversity to Build a Best-Practice Automotive Dealer Network

China is becoming one of the most important automotive markets globally and no OEM can afford to overlook or mismanage it. However, rather than a single homogenous market, China is a blend of very different and – at times – peculiar regional markets. Learn why OEMs need to develop a very granular understanding of the country before setting their targets, deploying their marketing resources, and placing their investments in dealer networks.

Spare Profits: Europe's Automotive Parts Aftermarket

Europe's automotive spare parts markets deliver outsized profits compared to those of the OEM business, making them prime competitive playing fields. However, serving Europe's major spare parts markets will require attackers to tailor their approaches in order to take advantage of the real differences that set them apart. And OEM and OES players need to defend both the market shares and pricing levels of their core brands.  

Developing the Dragon III: Nurturing R&D Talent in China's Auto Industry

China's mounting demand for automotive R&D talent signals a revolution in the making, as joint venture OEMs continue to add local design power to their expanding auto production empires. Part 3 of this series on R&D challenges in China reveals how automakers can attract, develop, and retain capable local engineering talent. 

Developing the Dragon II: Keeping China's R&D Quality Promise

Western OEMs need to develop structured ways to deliver the product quality that Chinese car buyers increasingly demand. Part 2 of this series on establishing automotive development capabilities in China reveals how companies can rapidly attain world-class quality levels.

Developing the Dragon: Mastering China's R&D Challenge

Automakers that are serious about setting up an R&D presence in China should approach the challenge methodically. Part 1 of this series explores four main levers that can help Western automakers effectively establish product development in China.