Seunghyuk Choi

Associate Partner, Seoul, Korea

Seunghyuk is an Associate Partner in our Seoul office and co-leader of the Automotive Practice and Semiconductor Practice. He has deep expertise in the automotive industry (OEM, tier 1, tier 2 suppliers) as well as semiconductor industry (IDM, fabless, equipment manufacturer) and is co-leading knowledge initiative on connected car and xEV. He has also led multiple deal supports throughout PMI and led diagnosis and operational transformation programs for Korean/global automotive players.

Recent projects on Operations Transformation:

  • Led industry 4.0 strategy development and designed priority initiatives (e.g., DPM) to enhance cost competitiveness of global automotive tier 1 supplier
  • Led procurement/sourcing cost improvement project with global automotive player
  • Led operational transformation programs with Korean/global automotive tier 1 supplier including Design-to-Cost (achieved 5%+ annualized impact on profitability) and lean manufacturing cost diagnosis for its global manufacturing plants (set 20%+ manufacturing cost saving target with 100+ initiatives per plant)
  • Led PM (Program Management) diagnosis and improvement planning through benchmarking leading tire 1 suppliers, FGI with PM experts, process mapping, etc
  • Led end-to-end deal support (deal value USD 5 bn+) for Korean/global automotive tier 1 supplier including pre due diligence, full-scale due diligence, PMI planning, and PMI
  • Led multiple due diligence/outside-in assessment projects for automotive suppliers in U.S., Japan, and Korea
  • Led 5-year growth vision and roadmap, go-to-market strategy, and capability building program for global tier 2 supplier
  • Developed Asia go-to-market strategy for European leading tier 1 supplier

Recent projects on Connected Car:

  • Developed connected car OS strategy for global leading OEM
  • Projected market size, growth and expecte


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