Robert Mathis

Senior Partner, Tokyo, Japan

Robert Mathis is a Senior Partner in McKinsey & Company's Tokyo office. He comes from an academic background of engineering and business studies in Darmstadt, Singapore and Tokyo and joined McKinsey first in Frankfurt in 1999, and has spent several years in our Japan office as well. Robert Mathis has been serving automotive and assembly clients, in North America, Europe and in Japan, South East Asia and China on a broad range of issues, ranging from strategy over product development and quality management down to sales and after sales.


Innovating Automotive Retail

Automotive retail is changing fast around the world as disruptive new technologies enter the fray and customer expectations rise. McKinsey's 2013 Retail Innovation Consumer Survey describes the forces driving these changes and offers advice to OEMs and dealers alike for coping in a more turbulent future.

Repairing a B2B Extended Warranty Business

A B2B extended warranty unit can be a lucrative source of additional revenue for vehicle and heavy-equipment players. But without appropriate oversight and control, costs and complexity can soon overwhelm the business unit's potential. Learn how one company turned this situation around.

The Future of Navigation Systems - Extranet user feedback

The popularity of portable navigation devices is putting pressure on makers of car-navigation systems. A survey of Extranet users shows that companies are responding by shifting their focus from higher- to lower-priced products. Navigation applications for smartphones could increase cost pressure further, but a related consumer survey suggests that their use still entails pain points for consumers.

Singapore Electric Vehicle Roundtable

The Singapore government organized a special event late last year focused on the prospects for electric vehicles (EVs) in the region. The first event of its kind in Asia and part of the Singapore International Energy Week, this conference brought together a distinguished circle of more than 30 leading EV stakeholders. As part of this conference, McKinsey & Company and the Singapore Energy Market Authority (EMA) hosted the Singapore Electric Vehicle Roundtable, which focused on the issues facing players in the emerging EV arena. Read about the views and insights shared by participants of the roundtable regarding Singapore and its prospects for promoting an electronic vehicle ecosystem.

Cut Development Time and Raise Standards with Quality Gates

By cutting development time while improving quality, quality gates can help take emerging-market OEMs to the next competitive level in a world of virtual design.

Rebooting Japan’s Mobility Market

Japan’s mobility market could soon experience a transformation, as new players begin to enter the taxi industry and shifting economic, demographic and regulatory trends take hold. Enabled by new technologies and business models, changes in how the country’s inhabitants get around could soon become widespread.