Prashant Vaze

Partner, Chicago, USA


McKinsey Report: Advanced Marketing and Sales for Advanced Industries

Marketing and sales (M&S) can be an invaluable source of competitive advantage within the Advanced Industries sector. However, the power of M&S is often underestimated, playing second fiddle to "technical" functions in terms of CEO priorities. McKinsey & Company's new brochure covering 10 vital M&S topics reveals how taking a step forward in terms of sophistication and mastery in M&S can quickly pay off.

Maximizing the Bottom-Line Impact through Transaction-Level Margin Management

Automakers can rapidly improve their bottom-line retail performance by ensuring revenue and margin transparency. Discover how McKinsey & Company's Periscope platform provides the tools and techniques that can help OEMs quickly and easily determine where action is required to reduce dealer sales variability and achieve more profitable growth.

Up Periscope! Achieving World-Class B2B Marketing and Sales

In today's often-frenetic markets, keeping up with leading-edge B2B marketing and sales performance can be a constant challenge. McKinsey's Periscope marketing and sales improvement platform enables leaders to recast their operations quickly and confidently, in ways that capture value previously left on the table.