Philipp Kampshoff

Partner, Houston, USA

  • Key member of the McKinsey Supplier Cluster in Europe and member of McKinsey’s Advanced Industries Sector
  • Advisor for automotive and industrial OEMs and suppliers on corporate strategy, performance transformations, and (portfolio) restructuring programs
  • Covers research topics such as value creation drivers for automotive suppliers from a capital market perspective


Gauging the Disruptive Power of Robo-Taxis in Autonomous Driving

Autonomous “robo-taxis” could ultimately reshape the automotive industry, replacing a “move the metal” mentality with one that captures profits by the kilometer. Don’t miss McKinsey’s webcast on the robo-taxi use case on Monday, October 23, 2017 at 6:30PM CET, presented by a team of McKinsey automotive and mobility experts.

Gauging the Disruptive Power of Robo-Taxis in Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving may trigger an automotive revolution, but industry players could miss its full implications by focusing on technology alone. Instead, they need to take a use-case approach that combines technology, regulation, customer demand, and the business case. Robo-taxis provide an example of this ecosystem-driven approach.

New Rules for Winners

Having emerged from the last decade's economic crisis leaner and stronger than before, automotive suppliers must contend with a new slate of challenges through 2020. Find out more, as McKinsey & Company's Andreas Cornet, Dirk Breitschwerdt, and Philipp Kampshoff present their findings in a live Webcast, "New Rules for Winners: Ensuring Future Automotive Supplier Competitiveness," on November 20, 2013 at 14:00 CET.

Home Grown: Best-Practice R&D Transfer

Achieving uniformly high performance levels across R&D teams remains an elusive goal for many automotive and assembly players. Rather than seeking external benchmarks that might not resonate with an organization’s culture, companies can look within to identify and transfer best practices.

New Rules for Winners: Ensuring Future Automotive Supplier Competitiveness

The global automotive supplier industry has weathered the economic disruptions and turmoil of the past decade to emerge leaner and more competitive than ever. But new challenges are on the horizon. A just published report by McKinsey & Company provides a clear point of view on the upcoming issues that could make or break many automotive suppliers in the future.

Supplier Perspective: How Automotive Suppliers Create Value

Automotive suppliers face some of the most difficult challenges in one of the toughest global industries there is. McKinsey has developed a comprehensive look at the issues facing suppliers, along with a selection of tools and approaches that can help companies achieve their goals.

Taking on the Automotive Supplier Perspective - Key Levers for Sustainable Value Generation

McKinsey & Company will host a one-hour live Webcast titled "Taking on the Automotive Supplier Perspective - Key Levers for Sustainable Value Generation". The McKinsey automotive team has launched an initiative focused on understanding how world-class suppliers create value and what leaders can do to snare a larger share of it for their companies.

Designing-in Profits: Supplier Value-Based Pricing

Suppliers face a grueling competitive environment in today’s automotive industry, and as a result need to step up their game from a pricing perspective. A new dual-path approach to effective pricing can help suppliers hold onto more of the value they produce.

The Portfolio Game: Safeguarding Supplier Value

Suppliers routinely create much of the value generated by the automotive industry, but shifting trends and new challenges have clouded the way forward for many companies. By concentrating on making sure a supplier's portfolio of parts and components hits the "sweet spot" of market value, leaders can ensure the sustainability of their companies' value-creation performance over the long term.

The Street View: How Automotive Suppliers Create Value

Automotive suppliers can improve their standing with the investment community by learning how to speak its language. This first in a series of articles focused on automotive suppliers examines how players can generate renewed market interest, build investor trust, and get the respect they deserve from the markets.

Cracking the Code II: Entering the Automotive Space

The confluence of rapid growth in embedded software, the rise of consumer electronics in the vehicle platform, and the evolving nature of the ways in which business is conducted in the automotive industry all point towards an attractive opportunity for embedded software players. Part 2 of McKinsey & Company's series reveals how embedded software suppliers can play to win in this substantial industry.

Cracking the Code: Automotive's Embedded Systems Play

Part 1 of McKinsey & Company's series on opportunities for embedded software suppliers makes the case that working with the global automotive industry could have significant upside potential due to recent industry trends. Learn why mastering three key areas – quality, productivity, and customer relevance – will be the key to achieving success.