Nick Santhanam

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley, USA


Three Snapshots of Chinese Innovation

Automotive innovation in China tends to focus more on commercialization and less on breakthrough technology. Learn more about the issue in a discussion McKinsey & Company had with GM China's president. The picture is rounded out via an exploration of Chinese innovations in both the semiconductor and pharmaceuticals industries.

The coming shakeout in industrial distribution

Industrial distributors face hard times as many of the advanced industries they served feel the transformational power of the digital age. However, companies that move quickly to safeguard customer relationships have an opportunity to outperform their industries.

Snapshots of the global mobility revolution

The mobility revolution is changing a lot more than how people get around. Major industries like automotive and high tech are busy learning new ways of competing and eying new sectors to conquer. Here are a few snapshots of what’s going on in key mobility markets worldwide.