Naoyuki Iwatani

Senior Partner, Tokyo, Japan


Japan's Globalization Imperative

Why are General Motors and Volkswagen more successful in China than Honda and Toyota? A big part of the difference has to do with a lack of globalization skill.   

Disaster, Recovery, and Renewal in the Japanese Automotive Sector

The earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident that Japan experienced in March have caused major disruptions in the automotive supply chain. This article examines the extent of the direct and indirect impact of the disaster, and discusses five responses that automotive players in Japan can pursue in order to recover now and better prepare for any future major supply chain disruptions that may occur.

The Future of Navigation Systems - Extranet user feedback

The popularity of portable navigation devices is putting pressure on makers of car-navigation systems. A survey of Extranet users shows that companies are responding by shifting their focus from higher- to lower-priced products. Navigation applications for smartphones could increase cost pressure further, but a related consumer survey suggests that their use still entails pain points for consumers.