Michael Viertler

Senior Partner, Munich, Germany

  • Michael has joined McKinsey in the Stuttgart office and currently is a Senior Partner in McKinsey's Munich office
  • He has a track record of client work focusing on marketing and sales as well as strategy/ business building in the automotive and high tech sector
  • Michael has co-authored a series of articles on sales and marketing related topics both in magazines as well as in publications of McKinsey


Living Large: Winning Big Deals Profitably

Closing substantial deals is a challenge; closing them profitably can be even harder. Companies that excel at both often rely on five specific keys that help them to keep costs down, boost win rates, and drive growth.

Engineering a Market Turnaround Strategy

As markets become more fluid and disruptive, the need for a proven way to undertake a successful market turnaround grows among established companies. A tested approach can help business leaders to react with the speed and confidence required in today's unpredictable environment.

Boosting a Global Automaker's Local Sales Performance

McKinsey & Company's Sales Navigator can help multinational automotive OEMs boost the performance of their local sales companies by providing detailed insights regarding their performance compared to peers. Industry leaders focused on achieving sales excellence across their global organization can start this process by harnessing the Sales Navigator's power

Better Buying: Cutting OEM Purchasing Costs

With purchased goods representing most of the spending undertaken by automotive and assembly players, leaders need to be sure that their expenditures are the most efficient possible. The PSM (purchasing and supply management) Potential Matrix provides an effective way to achieve this goal.

Forecasting Demand in Highly Dynamic Emerging Markets

McKinsey & Company has developed and implemented a new methodology for forecasting demand in emerging markets, “nonlinear demand forecasting.” The approach takes into account the rapid changes that occur in developing economies, thus boosting the accuracy of forecasts for such markets. In the current climate of short-term market volatility and a high degree of managerial uncertainty, companies that base strategies on long-term trends and macroeconomic drivers will be better positioned to identify opportunities. Learn how nonlinear demand forecasting can help you avoid massive misinvestments.

Boosting Car Incentive Effectiveness

With car incentives at record levels, automakers need a better way to manage this spending, starting at the dealer. Seven rules can help companies optimize their incentive levels.