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Autonomous-Driving Disruption: Technology, Use Cases, and Opportunities

Taking a use-case perspective on autonomous vehicles can reveal more detailed insights than simply focusing on the technology. Join two McKinsey partners as they discuss the work done on different use cases at the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility.

Disruption, Friction, and Change: The Hallmarks of a True Transformation

A true transformation is disruptive; it makes waves, and goes against the grain, creating friction throughout formerly smooth-running organizations. Three leaders of McKinsey’s Recovery & Transformation Services Practice discuss what a real transformation looks like and how to get there successfully.

Where is Technology Taking The Economy?

The digital revolution promises massive changes worldwide. One researcher believes the world stands on the threshold of a rebalanced economic landscape where distribution takes the lead over production and different rules apply.

Who’s at the Wheel? Changing Culture and Leadership to Support Innovation in Autonomous Vehicles

To navigate the autonomous driving disruption successfully, companies need leaders who can innovate effectively while still managing traditional automotive and mobility functions. The consultants at executive search firm Spencer Stuart describe a novel way to solve this conundrum.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, October 2017

With global consumer confidence at an all-time high, developed economies lead the way in expanding manufacturing and services performance. Get the facts on how well the global economy is doing from McKinsey’s monthly economics intelligence report.

How the Semiconductor Industry is Taking Charge of its Transformation

Overworked but underappreciated, the semiconductor often plays a supporting role to the latest sensor and autonomous driving gear. McKinsey examined three aspects of the semiconductor industry: demand for automotive chips; new productivity tools; and China’s growth as a revenue source.

When to Shift Your Digital Strategy into a Higher Gear

Research reveals the tipping point where digital threats move from the “keep an eye on them” stage to “dramatic, immediate action required.”  Understanding where this point is can give incumbents a fighting chance against digital upstarts.

Bernstein Report: China’s Premium Market Improves

While China’s mass-market car industry continues to struggle, the premium segment remains a beacon of profitable growth. The Bernstein analysts assess the country’s automotive market performance, and the leading role it plays in powering the earnings of German automakers.

Building Smarter Cars with Smarter Factories: How AI Will Change the Auto Business

Artificial intelligence will control the plants that build autonomous cars even as it guides the vehicles themselves. Six ways AI will contribute to the automotive factory of the future, and the steps companies are taking to seize this opportunity.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, September 2017

There's good news across the global economy as both emerging and developed economies share in solid growth. McKinsey’s latest Global Economics Intelligence Report offers details.

The Future of Mobility in India: Challenges and Opportunities for the Auto Component Industry

India’s automotive industry is beginning to feel the same digitally driven disruption that is affecting the global sector. McKinsey explores the issues and their implications for players in the country’s expanding mobility sector.

An Integrated Perspective on the Future of Mobility, Part 2: Transforming Urban Delivery

With an expected billion additional people alive in 2030, freight volume will likely grow 40 percent by 2050, which could mean an endless parade of commercial vehicles clogging streets and polluting the environment. Part two of a McKinsey joint project on mobility with Bloomberg New Energy Finance offers truckloads of ideas on how to deliver the goods while cutting the congestion.

Automation, Robotics, and the Factory of the Future

Robotics has entered a new golden age, powered by cheaper, more capable, and smarter technologies, opening a wide span of possible applications. McKinsey describes the forces at work and the likely implications for factories and other users worldwide.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, August 2017

The global economy continues to grow solidly in both developed and emerging markets. McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report provides a handy overview of the world’s current economic health. 

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

While the hype surrounding advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is currently huge, the actual market for them is fairly small. Semiconductor players interested in participating in this space can nonetheless take ADAS applications to a new level in part by focusing on processors, sensors, software algorithms, and mapping.

Steering IT Into The Digital Manufacturing Era

Why and how could the IT department become something more than a support function? McKinsey interviewed Mattias Ulbrich, CIO of Audi, who described the new starring role IT could assume in the digital era.

Seizing India’s Capital Goods Opportunity

India’s capital goods sector remains overly dependent on imports and plagued by low investments and scarce talent. Seven opportunity areas can help the country build up its internal capital goods capabilities.

Taking The Pulse Of Enterprise IoT

Just how well are companies in most industries coping as they attempt to implement the enterprise Internet of Things? Initial findings from a McKinsey survey suggest high levels of interest, but far less integration of the technology into day-to-day tasks.

Bernstein Report: Most Profitable European Car Market in 20 Years

The analysts at Bernstein Research examine the strong profitability demonstrated by European automakers, dig into their origins, and determine whether the trend will have staying power. The keys to greater margins? Cuts in capacity, an improved mix, and some badly needed pricing discipline.

Driving German Competitiveness in The Digital Future

Germany’s strong economy puts it in a solid position to deal with rising global competition, an aging population, and digitization and automation. A new McKinsey Global Institute report reveals what the country needs to do to remain on top in the twenty-first century.

Industrial Aftermarket Services: Growing The Core

Industrial manufacturers can often make higher margins from servicing the products they produce than they do from sales. Understanding the power of participating in the industrial aftermarket requires companies to examine the aftermarket's lifetime value in detail.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, July 2017

The global economy remains buoyant, with major economies seeing sustained progress. The US experienced steady growth, China outperformed expectations, and the Eurozone saw its strongest performance in six years. McKinsey’s latest Global Economics Intelligence Report provides details.

The Future(s) of Mobility: How Cities Can Benefit

Cities worldwide can benefit from personal mobility innovations, but different types of cities need different solutions. McKinsey has developed three scenarios for the cities in developing and developed countries that suggest an array of mobility models.

China’s Electric Vehicle Market Plugs In

China has emerged as the leading EV producer worldwide, based on McKinsey’s Electric Vehicle Index for 2016. Relying on a combination of strong industry support and ready consumer demand, the country emerged on top in terms of EV supply, and in a competitive position on demand.

The Changing Aftermarket Game – And How Automotive Suppliers Can Benefit From Arising Opportunities

Like virtually every other aspect of the automotive industry, the aftermarket will soon feel the impact of several trends that will change the where, how, and why of business. These six key trends will imperil unready suppliers but open profitable new opportunities for those in the know.

High-Performing Teams: A Timeless Leadership Topic

There may be no “I” in “team,” but leaders often find a lot of question marks surrounding the word when attempting to build high-performing teams. Experience suggests the creation of these elusive groups requires a focus on two areas: team composition and team dynamics.

Bernstein Report: Charting China’s Retail Sales Performance

China’s retail car sales may be lower than some indicators state, according to a new report from the automotive analysts at Bernstein. While mass-market dealers are cutting prices, the premium segment continued to move from strength to strength, earning its reputation as the single greatest profit driver for many premium European brands.

Mid-Year Roundup: Most Popular Articles on Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technologies emerged as the most popular topic in the Automotive & Assembly extranet community. We’ve selected the top ten articles that show how these current innovations can impact the A&A industry.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, June 2017

The global economy continued to experience sustaining growth as consumer confidence and business investments both remain positive. McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report provides insights regarding the expansion of key global economies and anticipated future changes.

Security in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things promises to revolutionize manufacturing, but the semiconductor industry has a pivotal role to play. The authors highlight four hurdles the semiconductor sector must overcome to make widespread digital manufacturing a reality.

Battery Storage: The Next Disruptive Technology in the Power Sector

The impact of electric vehicle battery development is affecting power industry strategies as battery storage prices fall more rapidly than anticipated. The implications for other technologies, such as solar power, could become an attractive opportunity for customers and investors alike.

Buried Treasure: Advanced Analytics in Process Industries

While most of the attention on big data analytics goes to consumer and online industries and large industrial companies, process-focused players have worked for years to perfect similar solutions that are complex and difficult to manage. Today, new, more affordable production/manufacturing analytics methods and solutions have emerged and are reaching maturity.   

What’s Now and Next in Analytics, AI, and Automation

Facing a phalanx of high-tech disruptions in the forms of digitization, artificial intelligence, and automation, industries can turn these challenges into opportunities, but so far many have failed to do so. The McKinsey Global Institute explores these trends in detail, identifying the current and future opportunities they represent.   

McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report, May 2017

Stoked by highest-ever consumer confidence levels, the global economy continues to expand, though at a slightly slower pace. Despite political uncertainties, the world’s economic condition shows ongoing signs of stability and growth.

Self-Driving Car Technology: When Will The Robots Hit The Road?

Autonomous vehicles will significantly disrupt the automotive industry, but their arrival could take longer than some anticipate. McKinsey research suggests that fully autonomous vehicles will require a decade or more to arrive.

What’s New With The Internet of Things?

While the hype surrounding the Internet of Things is everywhere, actual examples of it are much harder to find. Learn why the Internet of Things is taking longer than expected to arrive, and what semiconductor players can do about it.

Scaling a Transformative Culture Through a Digital Factory

Creating a digital culture can generate significant benefits, but companies often face serious challenges along the way. Staffing up a digital factory can provide a clear path to a digital culture transformation. 

Mobility Trends: What’s Ahead for Automotive Semiconductors

Semiconductors provide the digital urgency behind today’s (and tomorrow’s) automotive innovations, from connected cars to electric vehicles to autonomous driving. While the strong market expansion of this segment of the car industry seems assured, opportunities will differ by geography, application, and device.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, April 2017

The world economy is back on its feet, as developed nations continue to improve and even Russia and Brazil begin to see sunlight. McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report has all the details.  

Three Game Changers for Energy

New energy sources, innovative mobility solutions, and industry fragmentation will all play a role in transforming the future energy industry. The implications of this change include managing in a world with a multitude of energy technologies, a huge drop in liquid fuels for light vehicles, and a variety of small upstart challengers to big oil players.

Finding the True Cost of Portfolio Complexity

With automotive markets continuously demanding more variety, automakers need to strike a fine balanced between competitively serving target market segments and unmanageable portfolio complexity. A new, fact-based approach can help leaders remain competitive, and profitable.

Will Car Users Share Their Personal Data?

With a new generation of connected cars primed to produce reams of operational and owner-related data – a gold mine for OEMs and other analytically inclined parties – one hurdle remains. Will people share this data? To find out, McKinsey surveyed over 3,000 consumers in China, Germany, and the US.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, March 2017

China, India, and the US experienced healthy economic progress according to McKinsey’s latest Global Economics Intelligence Report. The Eurozone also continued to expand, and Russia’s economy has seen improvements as well. Get the insights behind the trends in this new report.

Making Data Analytics Work for You—Instead of the Other Way Around

Advanced data analytics is quintessentially a business matter. That means the CEO and other top executives must be able to clearly articulate its purpose and then translate it into action—not just in an analytics department, but throughout the organization where the insights can make a difference. But most companies struggle to achieve this purpose. Here are eight ways to make it happen.

Bernstein Report: Electric Revolution—Investing in the Car of the Future

Which companies stand to gain the most from the oncoming electrified car of the future? The analysts at Bernstein offer their opinions in a comprehensive report.

Delivering Change: The Transformation of Commercial Transport by 2025

The commercial transport and logistics industries will face significant disruptions in the coming years, although makers of light commercial vehicles and heavier trucks could benefit from several of them. New McKinsey research on the topic, including multi-regional industry and end-consumer surveys, provides needed insights for industry players.

Electrifying Insights: How Automakers Can Drive Electrified Vehicle Sales and Profitability

Electrified vehicles (EV) create challenges for automakers, which need to produce enough of them to comply with regulations while preventing the costly vehicles from undermining corporate profits. A new McKinsey survey and research initiative provides insights into resolving this EV impasse.   

Starting at the Source: Sustainability in Supply Chains

Establishing a sustainable supply chain can reduce a company’s environmental and social impact while positioning it for strong growth. Automotive players can learn important lessons from consumer companies in this area.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, February 2017

Is the global economy turning a corner? McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report reveals which nations are growing and which remain challenged.  

Transforming HR and Culture

Making an organization more efficient often requires clear cultural changes. One bank in Peru found a way to boost performance, cut costs, and transform its culture simultaneously. The company’s manager of Human Resource explains how.

Bernstein Research: Asian Autos – Tallying “Trump Risk"

The new US president’s policies could upset established trading agreements. The analysts at Bernstein examine the implications for Asian automakers, notably two South Korean OEMs and one Indian company that sell cars in the US market.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, January 2017

The global economy is experiencing some long-awaited positive momentum, with China growing on internal demand, the US buoyed by the highest consumer sentiment since 2004, and the Eurozone showing gains on virtually every economic indicator. Get all the facts and insights in the latest edition of McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report. 

How Retailers Can Improve Price Perception—Profitably

An array of new methodologies can help marketers attract value-conscious consumers without destroying margins. Advanced analytics and big data breakthroughs power this retail-level revolution. 

How Private Equity Adapts: A Discussion With Don Gogel

McKinsey discusses the fortunes and challenges facing the private equity world with Donald J. Gogel, chairman and CEO of Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, a private-equity firm that in its nearly 40-year history has acquired more than 70 companies, for a total transaction value of over $100 billion

Transformation with a Capital T

While most major transformations fail, they don’t have to. Based on extensive experience and research, companies that adhere to several key principles can position their transformations for success.   

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, December 2016

McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report provides insights regarding what’s happening in markets worldwide. Downplaying geopolitical uncertainties, the global economy is experiencing positive trends led by the United States and China, with the Eurozone poised for a better 2017.

Top-read: Disruptive Trends in the Automotive Industry

Most read-articles on disruptive trends in the automotive industry of 2016.

Bernstein Research: Chinese Autos—Carbon Credit Trading Confusion

Bernstein automotive analysts have issued a report on the confusion that currently surrounds China’s automotive carbon credit program. With two competing schemes focused on different outcomes, OEMs' strategies currently remain in flux.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, November 2016

The global economy showed signs of steady growth in October and November on manufacturing and services performance. The November edition of McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report explains what’s improving and what isn’t.  

Bernstein Research—Chinese Autos: The Scores At Half Time

What do the first-half 2016 results reveal about the future prospects for China’s automotive industry? Bernstein analysts see a number of caution flags, as the OEMs they cover face declining profits and rising costs.  

Learning at the Speed of Business

Grooming a company’s next generation of leaders requires constant attention and leading-edge corporate learning capabilities. The best companies treat learning as an expertise, just like marketing or finance, and have moved far beyond classroom sessions and binders of soon-forgotten courses.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, October 2016

With steady momentum continuing, the global economic picture suggests ongoing strength for 2017. McKinsey’s latest Global Economics Intelligence Report provides insights into what’s happening in markets worldwide.

Managing Talent in the Digital Age

The ways employers and employees connect will change dramatically with the rise of digital labor platforms, which harness big data analytics and leading edge IT solutions in the battle for top talent. More companies are using them to match the right people with the right jobs, build their capabilities, and groom them for new leadership roles.

Monetizing Car Data

Connected cars generate lots of information, but are automakers and other industry players taking advantage of all the revenue-making potential this data represents? To find out, McKinsey conducted an extensive survey and research initiative regarding this global phenomenon.

Economic Conditions Snapshot, September 2016

Following two years of downbeat economic perceptions, executives in emerging markets are now more optimistic about trends than those in developed economies, according to McKinsey’s most recent Economic Conditions Snapshot. The news is especially positive in Latin America, where business people rank among the most bullish on future conditions.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, September 2016

The global economy continues to make slow, steady progress as business conditions remain mostly positive. McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report for September 2016 provides all of the details.   

Huge Value Pool Shifts Ahead–How Rolling Stock Manufacturers Can Lay Track for Profitable Growth

The global industry that builds railway rolling stock is undergoing a fundamental transformation that will shift the competitive and customer landscapes and cause technology-driven disruptions. But far from running off the rails, well-positioned rolling stock manufacturers can use these developments to their advantage as new growth opportunities emerge.

Ten Most Popular Articles in Q3 2016

Here's a list of the ten most popular content we've published in Q3 2016.

Bernstein Research: Chinese Autos—Stronger For Longer

What do the first-half 2016 results reveal about the future prospects for China’s automotive industry? Bernstein analysts see a number of caution flags, as the OEMs they cover face declining profits and rising costs.

Shifting Gears: Insurers Adjust for Connected-Car Ecosystems

While most of the attention generated by the connected car phenomenon centers on the automotive side of the issue, it also presents the car insurance industry with a profound disruption and potentially massive opportunity. To manage the former and capture the latter, insurers need to develop innovative products and services that generate smart car value, which will require new technologies and high-tech partners.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, August 2016

Slow but steady growth continues to characterize the world economy according to McKinsey’s latest Global Economics Intelligence Report. Positive signs among some ailing economies and strong performance in the ASEAN region suggest continued progress, although relatively sluggish growth but rapidly rising equity values could cause problems going forward.

Self-driving Cars and the Future of the Auto Sector

McKinsey & Company recently released a podcast that explored the impact that self-driving cars could have on the people who make, buy, and use them. A transcript of the podcast provides insights on what could be the biggest disruption to hit the industry over the next several decades.

Bernstein Research: Great Expectations in Chinese Automotive Stocks

The analysts at AB Bernstein recently issued a report on Chinese automotive stocks that assesses the recent surge in valuations and anticipates future trends. Will the market head higher next year or retreat? One hint: Bernstein remains cautious on the outlook for overall earnings, but sees several auto stocks that show solid growth potential.

Five Priorities for Competing in an Era of Digital Globalization

Going global in the last century took assets, money and labor power. In the digital age, that’s no longer the case. To gauge your company’s readiness to complete on today’s global terms, see if you can answer five priority questions.  

An Incumbent’s Guide to Digital Disruption

Digital disruptions can roll through industries like slow-motion tsunamis, which can catch incumbents off guard. A new four-stage digital disruption model explains the phenomenon from the industry insider’s perspective, and reveals the choices and responses leaders need to make at each stage.

From Touchpoints to Journeys: Seeing the World as Customers Do

Marketers often emphasize consumer touchpoints to build satisfaction when they should focus on improving the customer’s end-to-end journey. Compared to touchpoints, concentrating on journeys can boost customer satisfaction rates significantly, in some cases even doubling them, leading to increased loyalty and happier shoppers.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, July 2016

The global economy maintained course in July, according to McKinsey’s latest Global Economics Intelligence Report. Manufacturing growth improved and the employment picture brightened. China, India, and the US all showed positive signs, while the eurozone's economy grew at its prior sluggish pace.

Bernstein Research: What’s Behind China’s June Growth?

Bernstein analysts examine China’s red-hot 17.7 percent automotive market growth in June and come to some surprising conclusions. Get the inside scoop on the world’s biggest automotive market.  

Developing a Customer-Experience Vision

Providing a superior customer experience is a fundamental element of any successful business’s strategy. Learning how legendary people-pleasing companies stand apart in delivering a great customer experience is a good place to start.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, June 2016

McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report for June explores the implications of Brexit for the world markets while offering a concise, up-to-date analysis of world’s economic growth prospects. While growth remains stable, it’s also stuck in low gear.

Bernstein Research: What’s going on in China?

Bernstein analysts take a fresh look at what’s happening in China’s automotive market. Expect a tougher growth environment, an increasingly polarized market and continued premium segment outperformance.

Capital Equipment: Will Further Shrink Bring Growth?

Capital equipment players in the semiconductor industry have experienced low revenue growth over the past ten years or so, but things could be looking up. As the industry transitions to more sophisticated manufacturing processes and equipment, capital equipment companies could soon experience a return to healthier revenues.

Ahead of the Curve: The Future of Performance Management

Casting off old performance review processes that date back to the days of time-and-motion man Frederick Winslow Taylor, companies are adopting innovative new ways to assess and compensate their best workers. To reward outstanding talent, one company might pay 500 percent more for the same job to one employee versus another.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, May 2016

The global economy remained in the slow lane as low commodity prices (oil) and China’s less dazzling recent growth have effectively applied the brakes. McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report for May examines the indicators and interprets the results.

Discussions on Digital: The New World of Marketing

Leaders on the forefront of the digital revolution shared their perspectives on marketing techniques and spending in a recent McKinsey podcast. Topics included cross-functional collaboration, successful business models, using customer data in innovative ways, and much more.

Ray Stata on the Evolution of the Semiconductor Industry

McKinsey talks with Ray Stata, cofounder of Analog Devices, about the state of the semiconductor industry today, unconventional thinking, and China’s competitive role in the sector.

Exploding Digital Flows in a Deeply Connected World

Global data flows already outpace physical trade routes in adding trillions of dollars in GDP to the global economy. In this interview, McKinsey experts discuss the findings from a recent McKinsey Global Institute report on the subject. 

Breaking down the Gender Challenge

Companies in a number of industries, including automotive, often have difficulties achieving gender diversity. New research suggests that they focus first on establishing priorities that align with their most pervasive talent-pipeline challenges.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, April 2016

While the world economy has stabilized to an extent, economists continue to wonder just how slow and steady it might ultimately become. McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report for April provides details.

Saving, Scrimping, and...Splurging? New Insights into Consumer Behavior

McKinsey surveyed over 22,000 consumers worldwide to understand shifts in buying behaviors and their impact on retailers. With over half of those surveyed fearing job loss and many of the rest focused on brighter outlooks, retailers need to manage increasingly fragmented markets to find success.

Leading in the Digital Age

What impact will workplace automation have on future organizations? To find out, McKinsey invited several thought leaders from business and academia to a roundtable discussion on the topic.

Global Economics Intelligence Report, March 2016

Seeking a solid footing following the stumbles earlier in the year, the world economy shows signs of stabilization, although major problems persist. McKinsey’s latest Global Economics Intelligence Report provides all of the details in a concise, easy to use format.

Ten Most Popular Articles in Q1 2016

As we look back on the first quarter of 2016, we share with you the most popular articles that have stirred the attention of our readers.

Reengineering Construction Equipment

Construction equipment manufacturers in Europe are erecting a new business strategy based on sales beyond Europe and in the aftermarket. This transformation should produce healthy top- and bottom-line results for the industry, but will require companies to assume a new customer-centered footing.

Case Study Berlin: Urban Mobility 2030—How Cities Can Realize the Economic Effects

What will urban mobility look like in 2030? McKinsey studied that question with a focus on Berlin, and discovered a variety of economic and societal benefits the city could capture by going intermodal.

How China Country Heads are Coping

With China’s growth slowing and its stock market becoming more volatile, many multinational business leaders are struggling to cope. McKinsey & Company surveyed over 70 business heads to understand the challenges they face and the steps they are taking. 

How the Sharing Economy Can Make its Case

As ride- and room-sharing businesses take off, the rapid growth of the sharing economy is attracting at times unwanted attention. Sharing companies have a number of actions they can take to establish community trust and protect consumers and society.

Bernstein Research: Electric Vehicles—Plug-In Hybrids

AB Bernstein issued an analysis on the prospects for electric vehicles from a commercial perspective. The analysts examined the industry’s current preference for plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles and noted the impact on battery suppliers.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, February 2016

McKinsey’s latest Global Economics Intelligence Report reveals subdued growth prospects in many key markets. China and India stand out as economic strong points, while Russia and Brazil remain in crisis and the US and the eurozone see slow expansions.

Car Data: Paving the Way to Value-Creating Mobility

McKinsey’s new report on car data and shared mobility suggests that the value pool generated by these trends could exceed USD 1.5 trillion by 2030. However, this huge opportunity is attracting resourceful outsiders to the industry that know how to extract value from big data, posing a potential challenge to automotive incumbents.

Taking the Measure of the Networked Enterprise

McKinsey & Company reveals its latest analysis of the deployments of Enterprise 2.0 tools (web-based social technologies) using its unique database of 1,500 companies. The new analysis suggests the emergence of a clear S-curve adoption pattern.

A CEO’s Guide to Gender Equality

A McKinsey study suggests that the world economy could add trillions of dollars in growth over the next decade if companies succeeded at improving women’s participation in the labor force. CEOs can boost their companies’ gender initiatives by pursuing four specific actions.

Bernstein Research: What's Wrong With The Chinese Car Buyer?

Bernstein surveyed a thousand Chinese car buyers and intenders to understand their confidence levels given the recent stock market turmoil. Key takeaway: Nearly 60 percent claim that family or friends have deferred car purchases due to the stock market crash.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, January 2016

That “thud” you hear is the global economy tripping over its own feet as it enters 2016. McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report reveals what happened, why and, what the future likely holds.

Adhocracy for an Agile Age

Traditionally, organizations have been bureaucracies or meritocracies, but could they now be something more? Two researchers outline the “adhocracy” and explain how it could match the needs of today businesses better than the other two models.

Automotive revolution—perspective towards 2030

McKinsey & Company’s comprehensive research into the disruptions most likely to affect the automotive space through 2030 identifies eight key trends that could trigger an industry revolution. From innovative mobility plays to new industry entrants, these trends signal a changing of the guard that could shatter current business models and ways of doing things.

Agility Lessons from Utilities

At first glance, utilities seem to have little in common with automotive players. But looking closer, both face the same asset-heavy realities and digital challenges. Here are four critical insights leading utilities have learned that could help the automotive industry address similar agility issues.

Five Myths about the Chinese Economy

Was China’s economy doomed from the first moment it began to grow due to built-in constraints? While some Western economists say yes, McKinsey & Company makes a more optimistic case.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, December 2015

As the US Federal Reserve raises interest rates for the first time in years, the eurozone gains momentum and India continues to defy global trends. The December edition of McKinsey & Company’s Global Economics Intelligence Report provides a detailed analysis of the health of major markets worldwide.

The Simple Rules of Disciplined Innovation

MIT senior lecturer Don Sull describes the simple rules companies can use to drive innovation. Rather than eliminating boundaries, the approach uses specific constraints to spur and guide innovation.

Bernstein Research: Chinese Autos—Bottom Fishers Beware - There Are Sharks In The Ocean

As the world’s largest car market experiences slackening demand, global automotive industry players worry that China’s hyper-growth days are over. The Analysts at AB Bernstein weigh in on the subject, offering a blunt warning to investors about the industry’s future prospects.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, November 2015

McKinsey & Company’s Global Economic Intelligence report for November 2015 reveals a continuing decline in global GDP growth predictions. Despite the drop-off, global consumer confidence continues to rise, reaching its highest level since 2007.

What 'Digital' Really Means

What does it really mean to “go digital?” While companies are embracing the mandate, some may be confused regarding what the process will require. One hint: if it doesn’t create value or make you agile and fast, don’t do it.

Checking the Pulse of Europe's Machinery Sector

How competitive is Europe's machinery sector on a global basis and what are the future opportunities and challenges that players will face? To find out, become part of the study currently being conducted by the VDMA (German Mechanical Engineering Association) and McKinsey & Company.

Growing Beyond the Core Business

How much does seeking growth beyond a company’s core business add to its top line? While many executives say such activities have created value, McKinsey research reveals such gains tend to be modest, and points to the reasons why.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, October 2015

Which regions are having more trouble than anticipated in engineering a recovery, and which economy is expecting a double-digit rise in car sales and a pace of industrial output nearing a three-year high? The answers to these and other global economics questions are contained in the October edition of McKinsey’s Global Economic Intelligence report.

Online Car Sales in China May Be Closer Than They Appear

As Chinese consumers become more sophisticated regarding their online shopping habits, third-party websites are preparing to take on direct new car sales. Automotive OEMs are also vying to ramp up their participation in this potentially rapidly growing channel.

When to Change How You Lead

What does benchmark business leadership look like in the twenty-first century, and do the current accelerated business cycles mean leadership itself must change? Find out as McKinsey discusses the challenges leaders face with several prominent business decision-makers and thinkers.

Grow Fast or Die Slow: Pivoting Beyond the Core

New software companies often have great “opening nights” from a growth perspective, but how do they ensure equally successful box office results over the longer term? Four lessons can help them stay on course.

How to Separate Learning Myths from Reality

Corporate training programs often make wrong assumption about how the brain learns, diluting their effectiveness. Here are three of the most common “neuro-myths.”

Urban Mobility at a Tipping Point

Traditional mobility faces one massive traffic jam in the 21st century as urban areas become more densely populated, millions of new families enter the middle class and over a billion more cars potentially find their way onto roads. A new McKinsey report says now is the time to rethink global mobility paradigms in ways that can keep cities moving.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, September 2015

Have the US and the eurozone maintained their slow and steady paths to growth, and what are the prospects for China to regain its strong economic expansion profile of the past? The latest edition of McKinsey’s Global Economic Intelligence report reveals all.

Getting a Sharper Picture of Social Media's Influence

New research suggests that social media “buzz” plays a greater role than expected in persuading consumers to buy and that the pool of the most effective influencers is largely untapped. These insights offer companies new ways to harness the power of social media to their advantage.

The Four Global Forces Breaking All the Trends

Four massive global forces will drive the world’s economic future according to No Ordinary Disruption: The Four Global Forces Breaking all the Trends, a new book by the McKinsey Global Institute. Learn why business leaders need to revisit their assumptions about the world, and why doing nothing will leave many highly vulnerable.

Bernstein Research: Autonomous Vehicles

The analysts at Bernstein Research issued a report on the prospects for the autonomous vehicle. Learn why the road to self-driving cars could be more convoluted—and longer—than some expect.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, August 2015

What impact will China’s economic slowdown have on the country’s future prospects, and are the signs for growth positive or negative for the United States and the eurozone? Find out in the latest edition of McKinsey’s Global Economic Intelligence Report.

Brand Success in an Era of Digital Darwinism

Has the digital revolution introduced a new retail age with a greater focus on the survival of the fittest? McKinsey research explores this new era of Digital Darwinism in which digitally empowered consumers exhibit lower brand loyalty, and examines its commercial consequences

Industry 4.0: Manufacturing's Next Act

Industry 4.0, the next phase in the manufacturing sector’s digital future, is closer than some company leaders think. Learn about the four disruptions that are driving this transformation, as well as the actions organizations should take now to prepare for tomorrow’s manufacturing realities.

Getting Organizational Redesign Right

Recent McKinsey research suggests that many companies exist in a state of episodic organizational flux as they implement redesigns every couple of years or so. Learn the nine golden rules that can drive a successful organizational redesign.

Supercharging the Development of Electric Vehicles in China

China has invested billions of renminbi to boost the development of its electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem. However, the country continues to struggle in building a sustainable EV industry in terms of sales, charging infrastructure, and technology development, falling short of targets in all three areas. A new McKinsey white paper provides some suggestions for reaching these and other EV goals.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, July 2015

McKinsey's Global Economic Intelligence Report for July 2015 reveals the latest data on key economies worldwide. Are the growth prospects still positive for the US? Has the eurozone weathered the Greek crisis, and what's next for the BRIC economies?

Perspectives on the Long Term

While the urgency to make meaningful change in response to the Great Recession of 2008 continues to fade, one issue remains paramount: moving away from "quarterly capitalism" to embrace longer-term ways of thinking. The McKinsey Quarterly provides an overview of a recently published book on the topic, Perspectives on the Long Term.

Bernstein Research: Assessing Europe's Auto Sector

The analysts at Bernstein Research have developed a perspective on the fortunes of the European automotive industry. They examine factors such as currency exchange, oil prices, raw material costs, among others to determine whether they could signal an upside for the industry.

Gender Balance and the Link to Performance

The value of gender-balanced teams can go beyond diversity goals. The chief executive of global services firm Sodexo reveals how such balance produces results that are more sustained and predictable than when teams remain unbalanced.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report - June 2015

The U.S. economy appears ready for a rebound, while the Eurozone faces uncertainty due to crisis in Greece. At the same time, China continues to feel downward pressure as India enjoys solid growth. Receive a complete, up-to-the-minute briefing on the global economic situation in McKinsey's June 2015 Global Economic Intelligence Report!

Harnessing the Power of Shifting Global Flows

Many companies have struggled globally since the financial crisis, but the digital revolution should provide new momentum for globalization. Learn why this new era could present serious challenges to the countries and companies that fail to position themselves advantageously in this new environment.

Bernstein Research: Euro Autos and the French Renaissance

The analysts at Bernstein Research assert that the two major French OEMs are experiencing a product-led renaissance as they regain market share across Western Europe. In the early 2000s, the French industry claimed a 25 percent share of market, which subsequently fell below 19 percent. Learn why their share is inching back up, and how product spending helped.

Competition at the digital edge: “Hyperscale” businesses

Hyperscale businesses are already part of the daily lives of hundreds of millions of users and are beginning to reshape patches of business ecosystems. Learn more about how these businesses operate, grow, and compete.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report - May 2015

McKinsey's May 2015 Global Economic Intelligence Report sees the United States stumble, the Eurozone hang in there, China feel downward pressure and India slow. Get all the details!

The Great Decoupling

Will the rise of intelligent machines solve many of the world's problems or create new ones? To find out, McKinsey & Company interviewed several thought leaders from different disciplines.

Manager and Machine: The New Leadership Equation

How could the rise of artificial intelligence affect the business world's definition of good leadership and how can today's leaders prepare for this fundamental change? One way is to learn how to ask good questions.

Bernstein Research: Europe's Heavy Truck Makers

Bernstein Research issued a report that details the future prospects for Europe's heavy truck industry. While the expansion of the lucrative North American market will support the fortunes of many European truck makers, other markets, especially those in Central and South America, will probably be a drag on sales.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report - April 2015

McKinsey's April 2015 Global Economic Intelligence Report sees the Eurozone gaining momentum while the US experiences mixed results due to dipping consumer confidence and other factors. Find out whether the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are building new impetus or experiencing an economic demolition (or both!).

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report - March 2015

McKinsey's March 2015 Global Economic Intelligence Report sees continued positive signs in the US, increased consumer spending in the Eurozone, and mixed results for China and India. Meanwhile, Russia and Brazil faced ongoing challenges. Learn what McKinsey's survey of global executives said about global growth over the next six months.

Bernstein Research: Car Financing in China Part 2

Continuing its examination of the impact of car financing on China's automotive industry, Bernstein Research digs deeper into the OEM car loan market. Learn which automakers rank high in the analysts' appraisal of this critical market.

Tom Peters on Leading the 21st Century Organization

How have the organizational challenges facing companies evolved over the past three decades and what does the future hold? To find out, McKinsey & Company spoke with noted management guru Tom Peters.  

What's Driving the Connected Car

McKinsey research shows that consumers demand connectivity in their cars but have serious concerns about its security. They're also not willing to pay a lot for it. Consequently, even as the trajectory of the technology-enabled car points toward ever-greater connectivity, industry players face some tough choices going forward.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report - February 2015

McKinsey's Global Economic Intelligence report for February 2015 indicates rising consumer confidence in the US, tepid growth in the Eurozone, and mixed results for China and India. Learn more about the status of these and other key world economies.

Marketing the Mercedes Way

What really sets the company with the three-pointed star apart from the competition? Find out as Ola Källenius, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and marketing expert, discusses the brand's marketing strategy in the digital age.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report - January 2015

Led by the US economy's continuing rebound, global markets are experiencing improved performance, although many forecasters have trimmed their global GDP predictions. Learn more in McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report for January 2015.

Reflections on Corporate Longevity

What gives one company staying power while others around it fall victim to a variety of shocks and discontinuities? In today's hyper-disruptive business environment, knowing the answer to this question can help automotive and assembly players endure in a challenging era.  

The Keys to Succeeding in ASEAN

To better understand the issues businesses face in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), McKinsey & Company interviewed Michael Zink, Citi's head of ASEAN. Learn why he says companies will succeed by focusing on what's practical and achievable in the region.

Developing a Global Digital Strategy

Imposing a workable digital strategy on a traditional organization can be a challenge at the best of times. If the company has a complex structure and global reach, the issues can become even tougher to overcome. Learn how one such company made the switch.

Bill Ford charts a course for the future

In this McKinsey Quarterly interview, Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Company, explores the many disruptions the auto industry faces today, and what it takes to manage a global automaker through the changes taking place.

Offline and Falling Behind: Barriers to Internet Adoption

More than 60 percent of the world's population remains offline. Learn why more than 4 billion people could fall behind if society does nothing to remove crucial hurdles to Internet adoption.

Economic Conditions Snapshot - September 2014

More executives worldwide believe the current levels of geopolitical unrest will soon hit much closer to home in terms of inhibiting growth. Learn more, in McKinsey's latest quarterly survey on the global economy.   

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence - October 2014

The glut of US oil and slowing demand in energy-dependent Chinese sectors are reducing oil prices and putting new pressure on resource-driven markets such as Brazil and Russia. Learn more, in McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence report for October 2014.

McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report - September 2014

What do most executives see as the top risk to economic growth, and are the world's leading economies expanding or contracting? Find out, in McKinsey & Company's Global Economic Intelligence Report for September 2014.

The Digital Tipping Point

As more companies decide to go digital in order to drive growth, a divide is emerging between leaders and digital neophytes. McKinsey & Company's global survey reveals why many organizations have more work to do before they can scale their efforts and achieve real digital impact.

The McKinsey Supply Chain Performance Index (SCPI)

McKinsey & Company has developed its Supply Chain Performance Index (SCPI), which translates 20 different, complex metrics into a single number. Companies now have a straightforward and holistic way to determine how well their supply chain is performing compared to that of their peers.

McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report - August 2014

Both developed and emerging markets embarked on different paths during the second quarter of 2014. Learn which economies are moving forward and which are standing still in McKinsey & Company's Global Economic Intelligence Report for August 2014.

McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report - July 2014

Gathering signs point to worldwide economic progress even though leading forecasters have lowered their growth estimates for 2014. Learn more, in McKinsey & Company's Global Economic Intelligence Report for July 2014.

Radically reshaping manufacturing: a conversation with Katy George

It is both an exciting and confusing time for manufacturers. McKinsey director Katy George thinks that companies should consider the next-shoring approach, deciding which products they should manufacture close to demand and which to produce near an innovative supply base. Learn more about why manufacturers should rethink production and distribution strategies to meet dramatic changes in demand and technology.

EVolution: Assessing Electric Vehicle Development in Europe

The trajectory and ultimate adoption scale of electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe remains uncertain, according to a recent McKinsey & Company report. However, the developments to date and some indicators looking forward suggest significant potential. Incumbents in the traditional automotive value chain and players with competencies to meet the demands of the new emerging ecosystems could benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of the key drivers of EV adoption and the characteristics of opportunities it creates.

When Toyota met e-commerce: Lean at Amazon

Amazon's former Head of Global Operations explains why the company was a natural place to apply lean principles and how they have worked in practice as well as where the future could lead. Find out who pulls the "andon cord" when things go wrong.

McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report - June 2014

Indicators have begun to paint a more positive picture for the world's economies, perhaps indicating a trend toward greater growth. Learn more, in McKinsey & Company's Global Economic Intelligence Report for June 2014.

Bad to Great: The Path to Scaling up Excellence

To crush bad practices before they start, leader can use seven techniques to clear out the negative behavior that stands in the way. Learn more about how to spot and eradicate bad behavior and promote constructive practices.

The Benefits-and Limits-of Decision-Making Models

Big data and models help overcome biases that can cloud judgment, but many executive decisions also require bold action inspired by self-confidence. Learn more about how to take charge of decision-making model use in a clear-headed manner.

McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report - May 2014

Has China assumed a new growth profile? Is the Eurozone on the mend, and what impact will current geopolitical risks have on the global economy? The Global Economic Intelligence Report for May 2014 issued by McKinsey & Company provides the details.

Top Markets Cluster Upwards in McKinsey's Latest EV Index

McKinsey's latest electric vehicle index (EVI) reveals that a number of countries are making significant progress in their efforts to support the EV market. The current upward clustering of markets on the EVI scale and the strong efforts of two new nations provide strong evidence that the EV phenomenon is gaining momentum worldwide.

Toward a Circular Economy: Philips CEO Frans van Houten

A new economic model is helping Dutch manufacturer Philips improve its resource efficiency and financial attractiveness. Learn what needs to happen in order to be able to meet challenges and change minds toward accepting the principles of a reuse-focused circular economy.

McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report - April 2014

Are developed economies prepared to take the lead, or will emerging markets gain their second wind? McKinsey & Company's Global Economic Intelligence Report for April 2014 reveals how the world economy performed in April and what lies ahead.

Why every leader should care about digitization and disruptive innovation

Digitization, automation, and other advances are transforming industries, labor markets, and the global economy. MIT's Andrew McAfee explains how executives and policy makers can respond to these changes.

McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report - March 2014

What's the biggest concern of business executives worldwide? Is momentum rising or falling in China, and what economic role is old man winter playing in the US? Find out, in McKinsey & Company's Global Economic Intelligence Report for March 2014.

Navigating the Circular Economy: A Conversation with Dame Ellen MacArthur

Yachtswoman and founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Dame Ellen MacArthur, discusses her vision for a global economy, in which society reuses scarce resources rather than sending them to landfills. Learn what changes need to take place in order to adopt this new way of operating.

McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report - February 2014

How did the global economic cards fall in February? Did the US recovery continue, is China still growing, and what happened in the rest of the world? Find out, in McKinsey & Company's Global Economic Intelligence Report for February 2014.

McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report – January 2014

What kind of year will 2014 be from a global economics perspective? Find out in McKinsey & Company's latest Global Economic Intelligence Report for January 2014.

Economic Conditions Snapshot - December 2013

The results behind McKinsey & Company's Economic Conditions Snapshot for December 2013 suggest that executives in many countries see better times ahead, both for their home markets and across the globe. Learn more in McKinsey's global survey of business executives.

McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report – December 2013

As 2014 dawns, which economies are moving ahead, which are spinning their wheels and which could find themselves in a pressure cooker? Find out, in McKinsey & Company's latest Global Economic Intelligence Report.

McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report - November 2013

Are the BRIC countries cooling down? Will the eurozone revive? Why did the OECD recently cut its estimates for global growth? McKinsey & Company's Global Economic Intelligence Report for November 2013 suggests answers to these questions.

Lessons from the Leading Edge of Gender Diversity

Advancing women to the top may be a journey, but how to do so is no longer a mystery. New research points to four principles that can help just about any company in this context.  

Bernstein Research: UK Car Sales Rise Unexpectedly

What drove UK car sales up in an otherwise gloomy European automotive market in 2012? Bernstein Research analysts dig deep to explain this phenomenon, which resulted from several industry-specific drivers.

McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report October 2013

Is the global economy improving, and if so, which regions will be hotspots? Find out, in McKinsey & Company's latest Global Economic Intelligence Report.

Leaders Everywhere: A Conversation with Gary Hamel

Are today's leaders coming up short? Yes, says Professor Gary Hamel, management writer and academic, who explains why he believes companies that empower and train people at all levels to lead can create competitive advantages.

Do-or-Die Questions that Board Members Should Ask about Technology

Digital technologies are disrupting industries and therefore, mastering them now will be an essential aspect of company survival and success. There are nine questions that can guide boards and company leaders as they think through what is needed to become a technology winner.  

Resource Revolution: Tracking Global Commodity Markets

In 2013, the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) initiated the McKinsey Resource Revolution trends survey to track commodity price movements in areas such and energy, metals and agriculture. Learn more about the survey, and the underlying trends that are driving these shifts.   

How to make a city great

By 2030, 60 percent of the world's population will live in cities. Learn how a wise handling of expansion will mean great things for a city's economic growth.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report

With aftershocks from the Great Recession still reverberating across both developed and emerging economies, what does the future hold for businesses worldwide? Find out in McKinsey & Company's most recent Global Economics Intelligence Report.  

Japan Maintains its Lead in McKinsey's 1st Quarter 2013 Electric Vehicle Index

Is Japan still the most electric vehicle-friendly country? Has the US gained or lost ground in EV demand? Find out in McKinsey's latest Electric Vehicle Index ranking.

McKinsey Economic Conditions Snapshot June 2013

What does the future hold for businesses worldwide? Find out in McKinsey & Company's latest analysis of global economic conditions based upon a survey of executives from around the world. 

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence

The world saw weaker business and industrial activities in several geographies in April, including the Eurozone, China and Brazil. McKinsey's most recent Global Economics Intelligence report notes that with the exception of the U.S., consumer and household spending remained subdued and weak in places like Brazil, Russia and India along with the Eurozone.

Japan Leads in McKinsey's 3rd Quarter 2012 EV Index

In McKinsey & Company's most recent Electric Vehicle Index (EVI), Japan remained in the lead among 12 key markets, but the US dramatically closed the EVI gap to first place. Find out which countries are moving ahead in terms of EV supply and demand readiness, and which are standing still.

New Brochure: The Future of China’s Premium Car Market

China is a market focused on entry-level cars, right? Wrong. A new McKinsey & Company brochure, Upward Mobility: The Future of China's Premium Car Market, examines the explosive growth and rising importance of the country's premium car segment. The new brochure explains why OEMs seeking a share of this dynamic market segment need to redouble their efforts to understand what Chinese luxury and performance car buyers really want.

Economic Conditions Snapshot – March 2013

McKinsey & Company's latest global economic survey reveals that many executives see improving conditions both at home and abroad, but they also believe that political issues could negatively affect future growth. Find out what industry peers think the future holds for business and what role many believe politics will play in it.

What's Next for China?

As China gradually shifts to a more consumer-driven economy, companies must adapt their offerings and ways of doing business. Find out more about three ways that companies can position themselves to thrive in this new environment.

Economic Conditions Snapshot – December 2012

Amid persistent concerns over sluggish demand, executives report a more positive outlook for the global economy and their own companies. Find out what to expect for the global economy in the next 10 years.

Making Innovation Structures Work

McKinsey & Company's latest survey on innovation explores the role organizational structures can have when it comes to driving innovation. Learn why many companies rely on multiple organizational models when it comes to innovating. 

Q2 EVI: Japan Remains Global Leader

McKinsey & Company's latest quarterly electric vehicle index (EVI) report reveals the progress some countries are making in supporting both electric vehicle supply and demand. Find out how Japan rose from fifth place in the initial EVI to its current top position.

Economic Conditions Snapshot – September 2012

Economic expectations have rebounded since June, but executives continue to worry about low consumer demand at both the country and global levels. Get more details on the results of McKinsey & Company's most recent survey of global executives.

McKinsey’s Global Survey: Economic Conditions Snapshot

The GDP growth in emerging markets is slowing, while uncertainty about sovereign debt threatens economic growth on a global scale. Learn about the impact these trends are having on the expectations of company executives from around the world who participated in McKinsey & Company's June 2012 Economic Conditions Snapshot.

Economic Conditions Snapshot - March 2012

Are executives worldwide more optimistic about the global economy than they were in December? McKinsey & Company's survey-based March economic snapshot reveals many interesting insights.

Lightweight, heavy impact

Recent prominent examples – such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and BMW's Project i – lend evidence to this trend's gain in momentum. Over the last several months, McKinsey's Advanced Industries (AI) sector has investigated the future use of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials in the aviation, automotive, and wind industries, and came up with some exciting insights. Order your brochure today to find out more.

EV Index: Japan Tops Electric Vehicle Index

In a surprising development, Japan has overtaken electric vehicle (EV) leadership from the US in McKinsey & Company's latest Electric Vehicle Index (EVI) of demand and supply readiness. Find out why and how the rest of the field performed in the latest EVI analysis.  

Understanding the Second Great Contraction: An Interview with Kenneth Rogoff

Kenneth Rogoff, economist and co-author of This Time Is Different, explains what history can teach us about the global downturn and why climbing out of it is still rife with risks.

IT Growth and Global Change: A Conversation with Ray Kurzweil

In an interview with McKinsey & Company, inventor, businessman, and author Ray Kurzweil explains how the exponential growth of technologies will transform industries and pose new opportunities - and hurdles - for business and society. 

An Interview with the President of Chile

McKinsey & Company's interview with Chilean President Sebastián Piñera reveals that he has taken a business-like approach to the country's recovery from a devastating earthquake, rescuing miners, and rejuvenating the economy.

Economic Conditions Snapshot, September 2011

Are industry leaders excited, indifferent or just plain scared about the economic future? Will the eurozone splinter? Are emerging markets the place to be? Find out in McKinsey & Company's latest global survey on executives' economic expectations.  

EV Index: Japan Catches Up to the US

McKinsey & Company's third-quarter look at how ready leading countries are to support electric vehicle (EV) sales shows Japan passing second-place France to land directly in the rear-view mirror of the US - the global leader in EV readiness.  

Special Report: Oil's Uncertain Future

With oil prices on a wild rollercoaster ride, how do we plan for the future? A McKinsey Quarterly report offers long-term insights and maps out the automotive industry's road to greater fuel efficiency.

The Future of Marketing

The McKinsey Quarterly spoke with three senior executives on the future of marketing. Discover what leading companies Virgin Atlantic Airways, American Express, and Yahoo! think about the marketing revolution currently underway.

McKinsey Survey: Governance since the Economic Crisis

In the wake of the global financial crisis, corporate directors know what they should be doing - but are they doing it? Find out, in McKinsey & Company's most recent survey on corporate governance.

EV Index: France Shadows the US, and Japan Maintains its Position

Has the United States made progress in electric vehicle (EV) readiness? Will Germany improve its EV demand profile? And how badly did Japan's recent disaster affect its comparative EV readiness ranking? Find out the answers to all of these questions in the latest edition of McKinsey & Company's Electric Vehicle Index (EVI).

Short-Selling the Earth?

The recent changes in pricing for iron ore and coking coal on emerging spot markets are the beginning of an irreversible trend. As they are key inputs for steelmaking, their price volatility will also accompany semi-finished and finished steel products downstream, making them more volatile as well. In this light, looking at steel raw materials is relevant not only for steelmakers, but also for major end-user industries, such as the automobile industry.

Japan Charges Up: McKinsey's Fourth-Quarter EVI

The year 2010 was pivotal in the evolution of electric vehicle (EV) supply and demand, as global markets and industries prepared for the introduction of these innovative new vehicles. Learn how strong EV supply moves helped Japan outrank Germany to take third place in McKinsey & Company's fourth-quarter Electric Vehicle Index.

France Sparks EV Interest: McKinsey's Third Quarter EV Index

Which markets will jump-start electric vehicle (EV) demand and which seem more likely to blow a fuse? Keep track with McKinsey & Company's quarterly Electric Vehicle Index, which assesses how prepared 12 key countries are in terms of both EV demand and supply.

China Charges Ahead: McKinsey's 2nd Quarter EV Index

China's leap from seventh place to tie Germany at third in McKinsey & Company's second quarter Electric Vehicle Index (EVI) offers a profound indication of the quicksilver nature of markets as they evolve to support electric vehicles.

Zap! Plugging into McKinsey's Electric Vehicle Index

Which markets will jump-start EV demand and which seem more likely to blow a fuse? Keep track with McKinsey's new quarterly EV Index.

A Virtuous Cycle for Growth: Finding Profit Opportunities After the Initial Sale

Instead of settling for one big-ticket transaction per new car sold, automakers can use advanced analytics to harvest value throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle. A good place to start involves digging into the six phases of automotive lifecycle pricing. 

Automotive & Assembly Extranet, Best of 2017

As 2017 ends, we’d like to recognize a selection of the best content that has appeared on the Automotive & Assembly Extranet. From the aftermarket to autonomous driving and the future of mobility, let’s review some of the highlights of the past year. 

Bernstein Report: European Autos in 2017

The analysts at Bernstein assess the European automotive sector as 2017 ends. With nearly every European automaker and supplier beating earnings expectations in 2017, both the past and future seem bright.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, December 2017

The new year 2018 starts out on a high note as economies worldwide show continued strength. McKinsey’s latest economics intelligence report has the details.

Connected Urban Growth: Public-Private Collaborations for Transforming Urban Mobility

With so many innovative mobility concepts in the mix, how do cities and other stakeholders decide what’s best for their municipalities? A new working paper describes how partnerships can help cities effectively choose which mobility services will benefit their residents the most.

Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: Workforce Transitions in a Time of Automation

New automation solutions could make certain jobs obsolete, but how big is this risk? The McKinsey Global Institute examines the question and reviews both the challenges and benefits that smart automation could drive.

Bernstein Report: China Autos

The automotive analysts at Bernstein offer their predictions for 2018 concerning China’s automotive market. Will OEMs achieve compliance with industry fuel economy regulations? Can the market sell enough electric vehicles? Is the premium car segment poised to outperform the mass market? Find out!

Focused Acceleration: A Strategic Approach to Climate Action

A new report from C40 and The McKinsey Center for Business and Environment spells out the challenges that cities worldwide face in limiting the effects of climate change on the planet. It identifies four areas, including advanced mobility options, where actions can deliver high-impact results.

McKinsey's Global Economic Intelligence Report, January 2018

Smooth sailing ahead, as the global economy experiences strong, synchronized growth for the first time in a decade. McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report provides all the details.

McKinsey’s Global Robotics and Automation Survey

Why are companies buying robots, and how are they thinking about investment in robotics and automation going forward?

Artificial Intelligence: The Time To Act Is Now

As artificial intelligence (AI) gains traction, it poses both significant questions and challenges. Who will capture most of the initial value thus created? Is it too early to become involved? Why are micro-verticals important, and where is the value located in the AI technology stack? Learn how to benefit from this oncoming wave of innovation.

The Rail Sector’s Changing Maintenance Game

The rail sector will experience disruptive changes surrounding the digitization of business practices and processes. For rolling stock OEMs with the right positioning, these changes could open significant new opportunities across the value chain.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, February 2018

The global economy has made expansion its watchword as markets worldwide demonstrate synchronized growth. And the good times seem poised to roll well into 2018, according to the latest McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report.

Agile With A Capital ‘A’: A Guide To The Principles And Pitfalls Of Agile Development

Join two McKinsey partners as they discuss the pros and cons of agile development. From the Agile Manifesto to the present day, this new way of working is upsetting traditional apple carts and mindsets as businesses seek better ways to compete.

What the Future Science of B2B Sales Growth Looks Like

A cascade of trends is changing the keys to success in the business-to-business world from “art” to science. To thrive in this shifting environment, companies need to focus on three new priorities.

Why Digital Strategies Fail

“Digital” is the new business watchword, but it turns out many digital strategies fail. The five main reasons why might surprise you.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, March 2018

The global economy continues to make strong gains, led by the US, China, and Europe. McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report provides insights on the situation, including trade policy uncertainties.

Leading With Inner Agility

Disruptive times call for different kinds of leader. Learn the five personal practices that can lead to the mind-set needed for leadership effectiveness during transformative times.

Solving The Productivity Puzzle: The Role of Demand and Promise of Digitization

The digital age isn’t driving productivity growth, according to a recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute. Learn why, and what needs to happen to enhance future productivity expansion.

Will Artificial Intelligence Make You A Better Leader?

Artificial intelligence can help executives become better leaders, boosting their agility and supporting them as they deal with the company’s most challenging problems. By embracing AI, CEOs can discover original, unexpected, breakthrough ideas.

What Every Utility CEO Should Know About Blockchain

Energy sector companies can apply blockchain technologies in critical areas to boost performance and cut costs. Six places utility CEOs can employ blockchain solutions to solve significant problems.

Notes From The AI Frontier: Applications And Value Of Deep Learning

Can neural networks conquer the business world? The McKinsey Global Institutes makes a comprehensive review of existing use cases to understand where artificial intelligence can add value.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, April 2018

The robust global economy continues to move from strength to strength as the planet’s largest economies post strong industrial results. Forward-looking indicators suggest the good times will continue to roll.

Taking The Measure Of Innovation

In the current era of near-continuous disruption, innovation represents a company’s first line of defense, but assessing it can be a challenge. McKinsey has identified two easy ways to measure innovation effectively.

Booming Cities, Unintended Consequences

As more people seek their futures in major Western cities, the ensuring congestion and cost is making those dreams harder to realize. Cities can pursue several common-sense remedies to tight housing and urban congestion.

Build a Reinvestment Machine With Zero-Based Budgeting

Companies need to create better visibility regarding how they spend money and take ownership of the reinvestment process. Zero-based budgeting offers a growth-focused way to make investments that’s as rigorous as saving.

Linking Talent to Value

Successfully matching talent with value creation can challenge many organizations. The best companies closely connect their top talent with opportunities to create value by placing them in the most critical roles within the organization.

Skill Shift: Automation And The Future of The Workforce

The changes taking place today aren’t just disrupting business models. They’re creating major gaps in the skills companies have and the ones they need. The McKinsey Global Institute offers a fact-based analysis of the impact automation is having on company talent requirements and points to some solutions.

What’s Ahead For Food Processing And Handling

Lessons from other advanced industry groups can provide insights helpful to automotive players. The food processing and handling industries is a profile in success but could soon face significant disruptions.

McKinsey's Global Economic Intelligence Report, May 2018

While economic fundamentals remain rock-solid across the globe, trade issues and geopolitical alignments are creating uncertainties. McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report for May 2018 offers details.

Smart Cities: A Digital Solution For A More Livable Future

Beset by overcrowding, congestion, crime and other problems, the world’s urban centers are struggling to find answers to some intractable challenges. A new report by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) examines the evolution of smart cities over the past decade, identifying digital solutions that could help ensure a more livable future.

Why The Future Of Commercial Battery Storage Is Bright

As battery costs recede and organizations that use large amounts of electricity seek ways to avoid demand charges, the market for stationary battery storage should expand significantly. By storing energy when prices are low and releasing it during peak periods, the batteries provide a way to reduce costs.

Taking the Next Leap Forward in Semiconductor Yield Improvement

The semiconductor industry seeks ever greater yield improvement, but sometimes fails to translate that performance into higher profitability. By ensuring engineering and finance functions speak the same language, chipmakers can deliver better bottom-line results.

The Board Perspective

As the roles and responsibilities of boards of directors continue to evolve and broaden, understanding the challenges ahead becomes more important. McKinsey has published the second edition of The Board Perspective, which offers insights regarding what separates successful boards from the rest.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, June 2018

Continued strong performance across the global economy faces some pressure, as reflected in McKinsey’s June executive survey of economic sentiment. Still, consumer confidence is high and global purchasing manager indices remain strong, according to the latest McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence report.

Lithium and Cobalt—A Tale of Two Commodities

Is there enough lithium and cobalt to power the electric vehicle revolution? McKinsey takes an elemental view of the issue and comes up with some counter-intuitive findings.

Decarbonization of Industrial Sectors: The Next Frontier

Decarbonizing the industrial sectors will require sustained, concentrated effort, given the long lifecycles of many industrial sites. McKinsey examines the challenge, the costs involved, and the impact on the broader energy system.

Blockchain Beyond The Hype

The hype surrounding blockchain technology has reached blockbuster proportions, making it difficult to separate fact from myth. McKinsey offers a clear-eyed assessment of what blockchain can and cannot do, and how to develop an effective strategy for implementing it.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, July 2018

Trade tensions cloud an otherwise sunny global economic report as the US and China see new uncertainties and tensions. Catch all the details in the latest McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report.

Building a Great Data Platform

Companies in basic industries often struggle with the great data challenge: They’ve collected all this information; now what to do with it? McKinsey offers five insights they can use to build great data platforms.

Leveraging Industrial Software Stack Advancement for Digital Transformation

Industrial equipment and machinery companies are increasingly aware of the opportunities resident in new business option found in the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Learn why intelligently linking industrial automation and IIoT platforms represents a new frontier in the machinery space.

The Agile Manager

Agile companies have reputations rapid innovation and dynamic team-based ways of working, but how do companies manage these quicksilver organizations? A quick review of the “chapters” and “tribes” that drive agile businesses.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, August 2018

While China experienced lower performance, most other economies continued to move from strength to strength. McKinsey’s global economics report for August offers a clear-eyed scan of the world’s financial health.

Smart Cities in Southeast Asia

Cities have always been bright; now, they could soon become smarter as well. The McKinsey Global Institute explores the opportunities for cities in Southeast Asia to adopt smart technologies to solve a plethora of urban challenges.

Creating Value at Industrial Companies Through Advanced Pricing Techniques

Industrial companies have an opportunity to boost their pricing acumen by embracing new value-focused approaches based on the customer’s willingness to pay. Relying on advanced analytics, improved algorithms and better data availability, this approach can help organizations optimize their price increases across thousands of products.

Modeling The Impact Of AI On The World Economy

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to deliver major productivity gains as it matures, generating significant amounts of value. To understand how this transformation could occur, the McKinsey Global Institute had modeled the impact it could have on the world economy.

Signals Set for Growth – How OEMs Can Be Successful in a Digitized Rail Infrastructure

The automotive and assembly sector complements a variety of advanced industries, including rail infrastructure technology players, which are experiencing significant changes. McKinsey’s comprehensive report on digitized rail infrastructure examines the issues these players face.

Why Data Culture Matters

Drenching your organization in data won’t lead to better decision making unless you have a data culture that’s up to the task. Insights from business leaders who have led the way in creating data cultures.

Telling a Good Innovation Story

A good innovation story avoids academic jargon, drenches itself in serendipity and perspiration, loves underdogs, and rides the winds of change. Some tips on crafting a memorable story about your latest game-changing idea.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, September 2018

While a few trade and financial wobbles have emerged, the world’s key economies have largely continued their winning ways, according to the latest edition of McKinsey Global Economic Intelligence Report.

Blockchain Explained

Learn what blockchain is, how it works, and why it can create value for businesses. The plainspoken truth about a topic shrouded in unnecessary hype and mystery.

Less Carbon Means More Flexibility

Wind and solar power can help to decarbonize the electricity supply, but must overcome several challenges such as intermittency, volatility and grid integration costs. McKinsey examines the issues and presents some potential solutions.

Digital Strategy: The Four Fights You Have to Win

Going digital is a major challenge for many companies. Four suggestions could help your organization overcome inertia while building confidence about how to master the new economics of the digital age.

Superstars: The Dynamics of Firms, Sectors, and Cities Leading the Global Economy

Business superstars may come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one important trait in common: the ability to capture more value than anyone else. The McKinsey Global Institute examines leading superstar businesses, sectors and cities, and discovers a range of intriguing insights.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, October 2018

Global economic performance remained broadly stable in September and October, according to the latest McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report. While the US economy continues from strength to strength, other regions are experience some growth moderation.

Thriving Amid Turbulence: Imagining the Cities of the Future

The world’s cities face massive challenges but could also see tremendous opportunities. McKinsey examines the issues facing cities and identifies four overarching forces that could have major implications for the way cities evolve.

Powering the Digital Economy

The power grid is the unsung hero of the digital age, supplying the juice that charges up you new EV and makes the online world just a few keystrokes away. McKinsey has collected a series of insights on the often-surprising ways power utilities make the digital world go around.

Laying the Foundation for Success in the Connected Building Era

Commercial real estate is on the cusp of real change as more companies digitize and automate their building. Rather than simply adding interesting new features, some companies envision connected buildings that can engender new, better ways of working.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, November 2018

Despite a few tremors caused by financial market losses and political uncertainty, the global economy continues to expand moderately. The US and China continue to lead the way, although the Eurozone’s progress has slowed due to a contraction in Germany.

How is Helping Workers Prepare for a Digital Skill Shift

Recognized as a leading light of the digital revolution, Google itself faces a digital skill shift challenge. McKinsey spoke about the issue with Jacquelline Fuller, the president of

The European Electric Bus Market is Charging Ahead, But How Will it Develop?

Electric buses (eBuses) are on a roll across Europe, cleaning the air while lowering total cost of ownership fees. McKinsey profiles the eBus industry and compares the two main charging strategies: Overnight only via depots, and opportunity charges that take place throughout the day.

Building The Workforce of Tomorrow, Today

Software giant SAP is helping its workforce keep pace with technological change and new strategic thrusts.

Automotive & Assembly Extranet, Best of 2018

2018 was yet another successful year for the A&A Extranet community. To make sure you haven’t missed anything, find out which articles have made it to our most downloaded list.

Reserve a Seat – The Future of Mobility is Arriving Early

The McKinsey Center for Future Mobility offers a collection of articles that assess the changes made in the mobility industry in 2018 and what to expect in 2019. From mobility investment trends to the status of the global electric vehicle industry, this report offers unique insights on how far we’ve come, and where we’re headed.

McKinsey's Global Economics Report, December 2018

The global economy continues to hum along despite some consumer confidence and political issues. McKinsey’s Global Economic Intelligence report notes the continued expansion of developed and emerging economies alike.

Taking Digital Transformation to the Limits at Koç Holding

Guiding Turkey’s largest industrial conglomerate through a digital transformation is a challenging proposition. McKinsey speaks with the company’s CEO to understand the issues at a granular level.

The Cornerstones of Large-Scale Technology Transformation

Can new technologies elevate established businesses to new levels of performance? While top executives often say yes, real progress has remained elusive for many companies. A new playbook offers five key actions companies can take to align their business and technology strategies.

Testing the Resilience of Europe’s Inclusive Growth Model

Can Europe continue to grow inclusively, or will six megatrends hamper the region’s ability to act resiliently? The McKinsey Global Institute examines the data and offers insights regarding Europe’s future.

Lessons from the Front Line of Corporate Nudging

As more companies introduce behavioral science units – also known as “nudge” units – several issues have emerged regarding the approach. McKinsey explores six of the most important questions surrounding nudge units.

Making Work Meaningful: A Leader’s Guide

People who find meaning in their work are happier, more productive and more engaged. A pair of professors at the London Business School offer four interventions that can help leaders improve their organizational performance in this area.

Competitive Advantage with a Human Dimension: From Lifelong Learning to Lifelong Employability

Adult learning in the 21st century needs to extend beyond ordinary classroom training. Learn why many employees seek greater control over their employability, and how companies can both benefit from it and make it happen.

Artificial-Intelligence Hardware: New Opportunities for Semiconductor Companies

Artificial intelligence (AI) could provide a significant new value pool for semiconductor players, potentially accounting for almost 20 percent of all demand by 2025. McKinsey has some ideas on the best ways to capture this value.

Ford’s Evolving Sense of Self: An Interview with Hau Thai-Tang

How does a one hundred-plus year-old automaker anticipate the disruptive deluge headed its way? If it’s Ford Motor Company, it takes time to step back and rethink its value proposition, according to Hau Thai-Tang, Ford’s global head of product development and purchasing.

Are We Long – or Short – on Talent?

Do you have too much or too little of the talent you’ll need over the next few years. Find out, and learn how to adjust to shortages or surpluses in your workforce.

One is the Loneliest Number

The number of white-collar women in the workplace has grown, but many find themselves alone on the job, according to McKinsey’s latest Women in the Workplace report. Learn five ways companies can address this situation.

Powering Mobility’s Future: An Interview with Witricity’s Alex Gruzen

McKinsey spoke with the CEO of WiTricity, a start-up that creates systems to deliver power wirelessly to electric vehicle car batteries using a technology known as magnetic resonance. Learn why plugging in could become outdated!

Digital Identification: A Key to Inclusive Growth

Digital identification technologies could unlock significant amounts of value if designed with the right principles and enforced with the right policies. The McKinsey Global Institute reveals the potential for digital ID, including the billions of dollars it could safety generate.

The Services Solution for Unlocking Industry’s Next Growth Opportunity

Many industrial companies could boost and stabilize their revenue and profit streams by offering services to their current customers. Learn what it takes to succeed in this adjacent business.

The Public-Private Imperative in Urban Mobility: A View from Canada

McKinsey spoke with Josipa Petrunic, the executive director and CEO of the Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium on her low-carbon, smart-mobility vision for Canada. A key element involves bringing the public and private sectors together to make it happen.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, March 2019

The global economy remains mildly positive, but forecasters are trimming their growth projections amid trade disputes and the prospects for a “no deal” Brexit. McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence report has the details.

The Tougher Competitors in Emerging Markets

Industrial Darwinism is alive and well in emerging markets, where global companies are finding rising to the top and staying there much harder than in high-income countries. Learn why only the strongest survive in these fierce markets.

What Makes an Organization “Healthy?”

How can leaders assess the “health” of their organizations? Two McKinsey partners offer insights regarding how leadership teams can determine how the place is really run, and the dramatic changes an organization might require to improve.

What Makes Transportation Smart?

People may know smart transportation when they see it, but what specifically makes it so intelligent? Three experts provide some clues.

The Decoupling of GDP and Energy Growth: A CEO Guide

Look for energy expansion to decouple from GDP growth in the future. Before it does, business leaders need to understand the consequences of this shift and position their companies to take advantage of it.

McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence Report, April 2019

Led by the United States and China, the global economy sustained growth momentum in March and April; the financial markets gained but manufacturing and trade softened.

The Right Digital-Platform Strategy

The platform’s the thing in 21st century business circles, moving out of the sole domain of digital natives and becoming a core part of mainstream incumbent companies as well. McKinsey’s extensive survey of 1,600 C-suite executives examines the growing power of platforms worldwide.

Want a Better Decision? Plan a Better Meeting

Good decisions often emerge from good meetings, but how do companies keep meetings focused and productive? Finding the answers to three key questions should help.

Bubbles Pop, Downturns Stop

McKinsey research has identified a group of companies that tend to thrive during downturns. These “resilients” delivered total returns to shareholders growth structurally higher than their sector median performance. Learn three things resilients do to outperform.

McKinsey's Global Economic Intelligence Report, May 2019

The global economy appears to have entered a moderating phase, as indicated by the global purchasing managers index for manufacturing, which shows little-to-no expected growth. However, global commodity prices are lower and energy prices, while volatile, have also declined recently.

Compound Growth at MilliporeSigma

When 350-year-old Merck decided to have its EMD Millipore division acquire Sigma-Aldrich in 2015 for $17 billion, some observers were skeptical. Four years later, many of the same people are calling it a success. McKinsey spoke with MilliporeSigma CEO Udit Batra about the deal and its challenges.

The Trillion-Dollar Opportunity for the Industrial Sector: How to Extract Full Value from Technology

The emergence of a variety of digital technologies offers industrial companies new opportunities to extract value via new products and services. But getting the most out of these breakthroughs can be challenging for organizations that fail to take a holistic approach to this transformation.

Confronting overconfidence in talent strategy, management, and development

Many company leaders could be too confident that their talent development strategies will deliver as expected. That kind of overconfidence can make leaders blind to opportunities to improve their people performance.

McKinsey's Global Economic Intelligence Report, June 2019

The global economic news is decidedly mixed, as the US business confidence remains in expansion territory while the Eurozone and Russia are in the contraction zone. Likewise, McKinsey’s quarterly executive survey shows the weakest rating in years.

The drumbeat of digital: How winning teams play

As companies wrestle with digitization, questions arise as to how much and how fast they should adapt their business rhythms. McKinsey recently completed research that provides clear guidance: digital leaders keep up a business drumbeat four times faster and twice as powerful as those of peers.

The secret ingredient of successful big deals: Organizational health

Big infrequent deals can destroy lots of M&A value, but companies with high organizational health often come out ahead in these deals. Learn why, and the three elements of organizational health that matter.

Confronting the risks of artificial intelligence

Perhaps more than other innovations, artificial intelligence brings multitudes of known and unknown risks. Learn how leading companies are taking steps to manage those risks effectively.

Building the infrastructure for the future of mobility

To prepare for the future, mobility infrastructure operators need to move beyond the current cycle of repair and maintenance. Scenarios, roadmaps, and targets will all play major roles in preparing stakeholders for what promises to be a far more dynamic mobility landscape going forward.

McKinsey Global Economics Intelligence Report, July 2019

The long boom since the financial crisis continues, but signs of slowing abound. Challenges include the slowing expansion of manufacturing and the brewing trade war between the United States and China, according to McKinsey’s most recent Global Economics Intelligence Report.

The year of future transportation: An interview with Seoul Mayor Park Wonsoon

What will it take to shift cities from a car-centered focus to one that puts people first? McKinsey spoke with Seoul’s mayor regarding this change and how to bring it about.

McKinsey Global Institute: Tech for good - Smoothing disruption, improving well-being

What impact will technology have on the human condition in the current age of digital disruptions? The McKinsey Global Institute assesses the role technology will play going forward and sees the need for developing an agenda that mitigates some of the potential downside effects of its adoption.

The future of work in America

As the digital age envelops America, which jobs are “safe” and which are at risk from automation and other disruptions? The McKinsey Global Institute examines the data and comes up with some counterintuitive insights.

Getting personal about change

The need to shift mindset in a transformation can be the biggest block to success. The key is staging the individual and company-wide shifts at the same time.

Traditional company, new businesses: The pairing that can ensure an incumbent’s survival

Incumbent energy players need to boost their ability to launch new businesses in their traditional companies. Success means eliminating excess institutional control and the inability to scale-up innovations.

Digital India: Technology to transform a connected nation

India’s digital future looks bright, according to a recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute. Core digital sectors could double their GDP levels by 2025.

Navigating a world of disruption

Today’s disrupted business world brings new threats and opportunities, both of which continue to grow in intensity and potential impact. Safely navigating this rapidly changing world will be a leader’s most important job in the future.

Speak softly, make tough decisions: An interview with Alibaba Group chairman and CEO Daniel Zhang

What’s next for Alibaba, China’s global e-commerce powerhouse? To find out, McKinsey spoke with the company’s chairman and CEO, Daniel Zhang.

All in: From recovery to agility at Spark New Zealand

What does in take to make an incumbent company more agile? McKinsey spoke with three leaders from Spark New Zealand, the country’s incumbent telecom operator to discuss their agile progress.

McKinsey’s Global Economics Intelligence Report, September 2019

The global economy continues to move forward despite the slowing pace of the manufacturing sector. McKinsey’s latest take on the world’s financial health remains cautious, with global executives expressing doubts about prospects.

The analytics academy: Bridging the gap between human and artificial intelligence

As artificial intelligence becomes a permanent fixture in the automotive industry, companies need ways to develop talent internally, since importing resources will face limits. Creating an analytics academy offers an effective way to nurture AI talent within your company’s four walls.

Automation and economic disparity: A new challenge for CEOs

Automation breakthroughs could widen the gap between successful cities and struggling rural areas. The McKinsey Global Institute digs into the data and identifies this discrepancy as a new challenge for company leaders.

Answering society’s call: A new leadership imperative

Social accountability continues to rise on C-suite agendas as leaders attempt to satisfy the aspirations of their customers. In addition to courage and insight, leaders today need transparency and empathy.

Redefining the role of the leader in the reskilling era

Today’s continuing avalanche of industry disruptions has changed the role of leaders when it comes to ensuring their companies and people are ready for the challenges ahead. Listen in, as several experts from the Consortium for Advancing Adult Learning & Development discuss the issues.  

How ALJ—a ‘75-year-old start-up’—leads with purpose

ALJ, a 75-year-old Saudi Arabian company, has a history of supporting innovators. It was an early investor in Rivian, an electric vehicle company that Ford and Amazon have targeted for investments. Listen in, as McKinsey interviews two members of the family that runs ALJ as they discuss its vision and guiding principles.

Getting practical about the future of work

The nature of work is changing quickly, as disruptions wash over once-placid industries. Find out what’s in store, and why employers could enjoy potentially strong positions in this transformation.

Coronavirus: A response framework for advanced industry companies

The coronavirus raises global challenges for automotive and other advanced industry companies. McKinsey offers five ways to deal with this unprecedented modern crisis.

Coronavirus: Manufacturing readiness survey

Compare your readiness state to that of industry peers, as all companies contemplate the way forward after COVID-19.