Kevin Laczkowski

Senior Partner, Chicago, USA


Rapid Resource Reallocation

Facing an environment of constant change, most automotive players could generate additional value by shifting resources more actively across businesses and geographies. Part eight of McKinsey & Company's series on automotive corporate finance reveals how firms can do this more effectively.

Five Steps to Building a More Effective Global Treasury

Demands on corporate treasurers are changing and many are struggling to keep up. To better understand these changes and how to deal with them, McKinsey & Company surveyed 120 corporate treasurers and interviewed another 50 in person. Learn more about the five ways companies can improve this critical function.

A sustainable approach for managing cash

With "burn rates" that surpass those of the wildest days, industrial companies need to generate cash now and manage their portfolios more aggressively. Easier said than done.

How OEMs Can Seize The High-tech Future In Agriculture And Construction

The digital revolution is alive and well in the agriculture and construction industries. Here are five ways companies can take advantage of the changing landscape.

How Industrial Companies Can Respond To Disruptive Forces

Disruptive times require disruptive responses. A new McKinsey survey examines the changes happening in industrial sectors of the economy, and what incumbents can do about radical them.

For OEMs in the United States, the Aftermarket is Fertile Ground

The high-tech tide has reached the shores of the construction and agricultural equipment industries, which have played catch-up in this area in the past. A new McKinsey survey reveals that despite this progress, OEMs are still not taking advantage of aftermarket services opportunities.