Kersten Heineke

Partner, Frankfurt, Germany

Co-leads McKinsey’s global effort for Digital in Automotive, with a focus on new business opportunities as a result of digital disruptions in the automotive industry (i.e. connected cars, autonomous driving, and shared mobility)

Since joining McKinsey as a consultant in 2010, Kersten has focused his work primarily in the automotive industry. He specializes in the impact of disruptions on the business models in automotive and works with OEMs, suppliers, mobility providers, and tech companies on the future of mobility.

Kersten has particular expertise in the following topics: connected cars, autonomous driving, and shared mobility. He leads both our client-facing and our internal work on these topics.

Examples of recent work include:

  • conducting an analysis of monetization potentials from in-car data to third party ecosystem partners
  • leading an in-depth technology assessment in autonomous driving with deep-dive into data-based services and map creation
  • creating a connectivity strategy for an automotive OEM with a focus on paradigm shift from car development processes to service/software development
  • leading a market study on autonomous driving with a focus on strategic direction setting for a leading global automotive supplier
  • conducting a strategy pressure test and partner screening for a leading software player in autonomous driving
  • conducting an extensive strategy review and creation of an investor story and business case update for a mobility start-up


University of St. Gallen
Masters, International Management

ESADE Business School in Barcelona
Masters, International Management


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Can micromobility deliver macro amounts of money or will it be all hype? Join McKinsey as it conducts an initial 15,000-mile checkup on micromobility’s progress so far.