Jürgen Meffert

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf, Germany

Jürgen joined McKinsey's Düsseldorf Office in 1990. He has worked a lot in the TIMe sector (Telecommunications, Information Management and Media), focusing on telecoms, electronics, and software services. He has also worked extensively in the automotive sector, specifically in the trucking industry. Jürgen has been a co-leader of the TIMe sector since the end of 1996, and co-leader of the Innovation Practice for the last two years. Prior to joining McKinsey, Jürgen was a Product Manager for Nixdorf Computer Corporation, where he introduced a database management system for UNIX systems to the American market. Nixdorf chose Jürgen to represent their company's interests in the Open Software Foundation (an international organization founded in March 1988 by the major players in the computer industry with the mission of creating an open computer environment).


Radically rethink your strategy

Digital business-to-business ecosystems can help traditional manufacturers create and protect value. Traditional OEMs and suppliers must act now or risk the critical aftersales and service relationship with their customers.