Jonathan D. Vander Ark

Principal, Detroit, USA

Jon Vander Ark is a Principal in McKinsey’s Detroit Office.  He serves automotive, industrial, and consumer durables companies, primarily on sales and marketing topics.


Key Insights into Differences Between the American and German Automotive Aftermarket

As the aftersales markets in Germany and the US evolve, a focused comparison of these fundamentally different environments can help players become more successful in shaping their strategies for the future. Learn more about four factors that point to continued success for independent players in both markets.

Exploring Three Key Automotive Aftermarket Success Drivers

Part 1 of McKinsey & Company's two-part series on the US automotive aftermarket examined the effects that three short-term trends will have on the industry. This article, Part 2 in the series, takes a look at three elements that could drive future aftermarket success.

US Aftermarket Trends and Implications

Often viewed as solid ground in a deeply shaken industry, the US automotive aftermarket is currently being reshaped. While the aftermarket is changing, it remains an attractive space for suppliers. Part 1 of McKinsey & Company's two-part series on the aftermarket reveals that suppliers interested in taking advantage of its relative stability and high margins need to understand how and why the US aftermarket is evolving, and the implications these changes have regarding their own go-to-market strategies.

Driving Your Dollars: Boosting Auto Marketing Spend Effectiveness

Auto marketers need new ways to cut through the clutter and cut costs. Learn more about five marketing spend imperatives that can help marketers hone their messages, successfully target and reach customers during the shopping process, and simultaneously reduce their marketing costs.