Jan-Christoph Köstring

Partner, Munich, Germany


Innovating Automotive Retail

Automotive retail is changing fast around the world as disruptive new technologies enter the fray and customer expectations rise. McKinsey's 2013 Retail Innovation Consumer Survey describes the forces driving these changes and offers advice to OEMs and dealers alike for coping in a more turbulent future.

Digital Marketing in Automotive: Revolution Ahead

While automakers were among the first to exploit digital channels, they no longer hold the leading edge in online innovation. A major McKinsey & Company research project surveyed car buyers and interviewed industry players to identify three key digital opportunities OEMs could capture.

Digital Marketing in Automotive

The current tough global economic climate can make the pursuit of profitable growth more difficult than ever. To get on the right side of profitability ledger, catch “Maximizing bottom-line impact through transaction-level margin management.” This recorded webcast introduces “Periscope”—an innovative tool automakers can use to rise above the complexity that can obscure product profitability, enabling them to achieve true revenue and margin transparency. You can also download a pdf version of the presentation.

McKinsey Report: Advanced Marketing and Sales for Advanced Industries

Marketing and sales (M&S) can be an invaluable source of competitive advantage within the Advanced Industries sector. However, the power of M&S is often underestimated, playing second fiddle to "technical" functions in terms of CEO priorities. McKinsey & Company's new brochure covering 10 vital M&S topics reveals how taking a step forward in terms of sophistication and mastery in M&S can quickly pay off.

Shifting Digital Marketing into Overdrive

The fast-moving digital world presents huge opportunities for automotive OEMs. But many don't fully capture them, instead spending too many marketing dollars on legacy channels. Learn more about a proven methodology that can provide the insights marketers need to reallocate their spending for the digital age.

What Drives Premium Perceptions?

Achieving a premium positioning remains a key profitability driver in the automotive industry, but times – and customers – are changing. As a result, many automakers need to redefine their stance as premium players or risk losing what has become an increasingly competitive battle in this segment.

Clicks and Cars: Benchmarking Automotive Digital Marketing

Going digital can be a challenging - but rewarding - proposition for many automakers. To achieve success, however, marketers need to determine just how effective they have been in this unique and rapidly changing marketing space. McKinsey & Company's OMEX framework provides the clarity OEMs need to assess their digital capabilities and improve their overall performance.

Boosting Top-Line Growth by Raising Frontline Sales Performance

OEMs seeking top-line growth opportunities need look no further than their dealership front lines. But finding success will require them to establish more customer-focused ways of doing things, using better, more dynamic processes while ensuring that their sales "reps" always sell with profitability in mind. Learn more about this necessary paradigm shift.

Winning Tomorrow’s Car Buyers Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Sales

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers automakers a profound new way to reach customers and anticipate their needs as they shop for cars. McKinsey offers an overview of the new AI-enabled realities and identifies a variety of value opportunities in the marketing and sales space.