Gianluca Camplone

Senior Partner, Chicago, USA

Gianluca Camplone joined McKinsey & Company in Rome in 1997.  He has also served for clients in other European McKinsey offices.  Today he is a Senior Partner in the Chicago office.


Alternative Ownership: Exploring New LCV Use and Delivery Models

New ownership and usage patterns could soon reshape the light commercial vehicle market. Get ready for “transportation-as-a-service” by exploring several of tomorrow’s disruptive delivery models.

Webcast: Monetizing Car Data

Connected cars will collect terabytes of data, which has some in the industry wondering how best to extract value from this potential new treasure trove. To find out, please log into the A&A extranet on December 16, 2016, from 14:00 to 15:00 CET. With the car data and shared mobility value pool expected to grow to USD 1.5 trillion by 2030, understanding the potential monetization opportunities is becoming an industry agenda topper.

Connected Commercial Vehicles Spark a Telematics Revolution

For consumers, telematic capabilities are nice to have; for trucking fleets, they’re essential. Light commercial fleets of all sizes have embraced the technology to shape driver behavior, cut accidents, and boost fuel efficiency.

Transforming OEM Retail Performance in Emerging Markets

Staging a marketing and sales transformation in a developing market can present OEMs with a different set of challenges than most face in mature countries. Learn three key steps automakers can take to smooth the way forward.

Profiling the Global Tire Industry

The global tire industry is currently in a state of flux, driven by the rising demand for tires in emerging markets and the slowing growth experienced in developed economies. As industry value begins to shift away from big volume segments such as mass-market OE passenger car tires and toward OTR and aftermarket plays, global incumbent tire makers need to position themselves for a new set of competitive dynamics.

Innovating Automotive Retail

Automotive retail is changing fast around the world as disruptive new technologies enter the fray and customer expectations rise. McKinsey's 2013 Retail Innovation Consumer Survey describes the forces driving these changes and offers advice to OEMs and dealers alike for coping in a more turbulent future.

Leveraging Big Data through Geomarketing for Retail Footprint Planning and Management – LoMEX Sales Adviser

The race for sales in the automotive industry occurs primarily at the retail level, as companies compete to entice individual customers into buying their products. McKinsey's LoMEX Sales Advisor can give players the extra market intelligence they need to assess their local market coverage and act to ensure they are capturing every sale possible by using an advanced, technology-enabled approach. Find out more by attending the Automotive & Assembly Extranet's webcast on LoMEX, "Leveraging big data through geomarketing for retail footprint planning and management - LoMEX Sales Adviser," on July 24th, 2013 from 14.00 to 15:00 CET.

Digital Marketing in Automotive: Revolution Ahead

While automakers were among the first to exploit digital channels, they no longer hold the leading edge in online innovation. A major McKinsey & Company research project surveyed car buyers and interviewed industry players to identify three key digital opportunities OEMs could capture.

LoMEX: Achieving Local Marketing Sales Excellence

The race for sales in the automotive industry occurs primarily at the retail level, as companies compete to attract individual customers to sample and buy their products. A new Local Marketing Excellence (LoMEX) sales advisor tool can give players the extra market intelligence they need to assess their local market coverage and act to ensure they are capturing every sale possible.

Capturing Automotive Value with CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) can play a much larger and more effective role in the automotive industry, but industry players need to do some serious work to collect the data they need to gain relevant insights. Learn more about how marketers can jump-start their own CRM transformations.

Digital Marketing in Automotive

The current tough global economic climate can make the pursuit of profitable growth more difficult than ever. To get on the right side of profitability ledger, catch “Maximizing bottom-line impact through transaction-level margin management.” This recorded webcast introduces “Periscope”—an innovative tool automakers can use to rise above the complexity that can obscure product profitability, enabling them to achieve true revenue and margin transparency. You can also download a pdf version of the presentation.

McKinsey Report: Advanced Marketing and Sales for Advanced Industries

Marketing and sales (M&S) can be an invaluable source of competitive advantage within the Advanced Industries sector. However, the power of M&S is often underestimated, playing second fiddle to "technical" functions in terms of CEO priorities. McKinsey & Company's new brochure covering 10 vital M&S topics reveals how taking a step forward in terms of sophistication and mastery in M&S can quickly pay off.

Extract the Most from Marketing Spend

Companies in the automotive industry can revitalize their marketing and media performance in the face of heightened competition. Learn how a new approach that replaces gut instinct with fact-based precision can help them optimize their marketing spend effectiveness and boost their competitive advantage.

What Drives Premium Perceptions?

Achieving a premium positioning remains a key profitability driver in the automotive industry, but times – and customers – are changing. As a result, many automakers need to redefine their stance as premium players or risk losing what has become an increasingly competitive battle in this segment.

“Moving the Metal” in Automotive & Assembly and Other Advanced Industries

While marketing and sales can be an invaluable source of competitive advantage in the automotive and other advanced industries sectors, it's sometimes underestimated, playing second fiddle to technical considerations in CEO priorities. But as they say in the automotive industry, "moving the metal" is really what the whole enterprise is all about, and only best-in-class marketing and sales performance can provide the horsepower companies need to get the job done right. Introducing the A&A Extranet's comprehensive series on achieving best-in-class marketing and sales performance.

Spare Profits: Europe's Automotive Parts Aftermarket

Europe's automotive spare parts markets deliver outsized profits compared to those of the OEM business, making them prime competitive playing fields. However, serving Europe's major spare parts markets will require attackers to tailor their approaches in order to take advantage of the real differences that set them apart. And OEM and OES players need to defend both the market shares and pricing levels of their core brands.  

Optimizing the Cost of Large Industrial Projects

Multi-million dollar savings are possible by combining lean and design-to-cost approaches into a cost-optimization effort for large-scale capex projects. Involving suppliers and taking a cross-functional approach are critical - and the benefits enormous.

Generating Cash by Optimizing Invested Capital

Automotive manufacturers struggling to increase cash on the balance sheet can turn to invested capital. Three vital areas exist in which substantial sums can be saved through an intense, rigorous process without jeopardizing production.

Snapshot: Turkey's Automotive & Assembly Sector

From cars to white goods, Turkey offers automotive and assembly sector players a vibrant local market and cost-efficient production platform. Learn more about the country's long-term prospects for cars, commercial vehicles, and major appliances.

Seeds of Change: Global Farm Equipment Industry Prospects

Global players in the USD 52 billion agricultural equipment industry face four strategically significant issues as they attempt to secure their "home turf" and explore new opportunities for growth. Examining the implications that arise from these issues can also help emerging market OEMs develop the skills and capabilities they'll need to prosper in highly competitive mature markets. Learn how companies that tailor their products and business models to accommodate regional differences among agricultural equipment customers can position themselves for success across the global marketplace.

Accelerating The Car Data Monetization Journey

Customers love connected cars, but industry players still don’t get enough bang for buck from the data they produce. A major McKinsey study examines the challenge and comes up with several innovative ways to cash in some of that value.