Giancarlo Ghislanzoni

Senior Partner, Milan, Italy

Giancarlo joined McKinsey & Co. in 1987 and is currently a Senior Partner in the Mediterranean office. At present he is the EMEA leader of the McKinsey Advanced Industries Sector, including the Aerospace & Defence, Automotive & Assembly, Machinery, Plant Engineering and Industrial electronics.


Big ticket: Using Big Data Analytics to Build Strategic Pricing Value

Many companies could be needlessly shortchanging themselves in terms of both revenues and profits because they lack the tools they need to optimize their pricing skills. Discover why approaches like the Granular Pricing Model can help them understand the different elements of their pricing performance, and act quickly to close gaps compared to competitors.

Supplier Perspective: How Automotive Suppliers Create Value

Automotive suppliers face some of the most difficult challenges in one of the toughest global industries there is. McKinsey has developed a comprehensive look at the issues facing suppliers, along with a selection of tools and approaches that can help companies achieve their goals.

McKinsey Survey: Succeeding at Organizational Redesign

When companies reorganize, few get all the benefits they desire in the time they expect. Learn how companies that succeed in transforming themselves do it and why many others fail.

Repair Order: Industrializing a Dealer's Aftersales Business

In an environment of continuing market turmoil and sluggish economic recovery, dealers need to tap into the proven counter-cyclical value-creation ability their aftersales business can deliver. Part 3 of McKinsey & Company's dealer performance series shows how a thriving aftersales division can save a dealership when sales start to fall. This proven approach can help dealers boost aftersales performance, but they need to act deliberately and systematically in order to capture all of the value this type of transformation offers.

Micro-Scoping: Using Micro Markets to Boost Retail Revenue

The micro-market approach enables dealers to pinpoint and eradicate weaknesses systematically and quickly, and achieve a revenue boost of more than 20 percent. Part 2 in McKinsey & Company's series on achieving automotive retail excellence in a difficult economic environment focuses on how dealers can use micro marketing to quickly achieve commercial excellence.

U-Turn Ahead: Revitalizing a Dealer Network in Hard Times

In a tough market situation, dealers have to tap every possible source of profitable growth in order to survive. They need a rapid turnaround approach that provides the tools and techniques that can increase revenue – and profit – in troubled times. Part 1 of McKinsey & Company's three-part series on dealer performance improvement shows how.

Selling Used Cars for Value

The most complicated portion of the used car value chain, the sales process marks the moment of truth for the used car division, in which the deal is made and the consumer either drives away satisfied or not. Part 2 of McKinsey & Company's series on enhancing the value of a used car organization focuses on how companies can optimize their retail and wholesale sales management performance.

Boosting the Value of a Used Car Retail Division

With new car sales impeded by tight consumer credit and the global economic crisis, automotive OEMs in Western Europe need to make the most of the value-creating potential of every aspect of their retail businesses. Part 1 of this series demonstrates how used vehicle sales can provide a proven counterbalance to shortfalls on the new car sales ledger if managers seek used car retail business improvements in vehicle acquisition, preparation, and inventory management.