Georg Doll

Vice President IoT, Munich, Germany


Rethinking Car Software and Electronics Architecture

As cars begin the transition to electronic devices, designers need a new, more robust software and electronics architecture to handle the increasingly sophisticated load. McKinsey has developed ten hypotheses regarding the potential shape of this architecture and its implications for the industry.

Webcast: Rethinking Car Software and Electronics Architecture

Is 20th century car software architecture up to 21st century challenges like autonomous driving and connected cars? To find out, please join us for a one-hour webcast on April 4th, 2018, at 2:30pm (CET), when four McKinsey experts will discuss the issues in detail. Don’t miss this one!

Automotive Software and Electrical/Electronic Architecture: Implications for OEMs

That gleaming automobile sitting in your driveway is a 134-year-old idea seeking an upgrade to the digital age. The perfect place to start involves its electrical and electronic architecture and software.