Dirk Breitschwerdt

Principal, Munich

  • Co-Leader of the McKinsey Supplier Cluster in Europe
  • Leadership member of McKinsey’s Advanced Industries Sector and a co-leader of the Automotive / Strategy Joint Venture
  • Holds a PhD in business administration


New Rules for Winners

Having emerged from the last decade's economic crisis leaner and stronger than before, automotive suppliers must contend with a new slate of challenges through 2020. Find out more, as McKinsey & Company's Andreas Cornet, Dirk Breitschwerdt, and Philipp Kampshoff present their findings in a live Webcast, "New Rules for Winners: Ensuring Future Automotive Supplier Competitiveness," on November 20, 2013 at 14:00 CET.

Boosting a Global Automaker's Local Sales Performance

McKinsey & Company's Sales Navigator can help multinational automotive OEMs boost the performance of their local sales companies by providing detailed insights regarding their performance compared to peers. Industry leaders focused on achieving sales excellence across their global organization can start this process by harnessing the Sales Navigator's power

M&A vs. Collaboration in the Automotive Industry

Strategic M&As are commonplace in the automotive industry, but do they make more sense than collaborating? Part 10 of McKinsey & Company's series on automotive corporate finance examines whether M&As make sense from the perspective of shareholder value and why more industry players are collaborating.

Rapid Resource Reallocation

Facing an environment of constant change, most automotive players could generate additional value by shifting resources more actively across businesses and geographies. Part eight of McKinsey & Company's series on automotive corporate finance reveals how firms can do this more effectively.

New Rules for Winners: Ensuring Future Automotive Supplier Competitiveness

The global automotive supplier industry has weathered the economic disruptions and turmoil of the past decade to emerge leaner and more competitive than ever. But new challenges are on the horizon. A just published report by McKinsey & Company provides a clear point of view on the upcoming issues that could make or break many automotive suppliers in the future.

Creating Value in the Automotive Industry: Part 1

Financial markets often steeply discount automotive industry performance. Find out why, and what OEMs and suppliers can do about it in Part 1 of McKinsey & Company's series on unlocking the automotive industry's true value potential.

Better Buying: Cutting OEM Purchasing Costs

With purchased goods representing most of the spending undertaken by automotive and assembly players, leaders need to be sure that their expenditures are the most efficient possible. The PSM (purchasing and supply management) Potential Matrix provides an effective way to achieve this goal.

Supplier Perspective: How Automotive Suppliers Create Value

Automotive suppliers face some of the most difficult challenges in one of the toughest global industries there is. McKinsey has developed a comprehensive look at the issues facing suppliers, along with a selection of tools and approaches that can help companies achieve their goals.

Capping Capex: Better Supplier Capital Management

Given the challenges they face, automotive suppliers need to marshal every advantage they can in order to survive in the current business environment. As a result, many leaders focus intently on internal operational productivity improvements, but fail to enforce the same discipline in their capital investments. The concepts described in this article can help leaders put their investment management capabilities on the same footing as their operational performance.

Quick-Change Artist: Becoming an Agile Supplier

Automotive suppliers need to become more agile if they hope to survive the increasingly wide gyrations occurring across the value chain. Learn the steps companies can take in order to understand what's causing volatility, assess the organization's appetite for risk, and implement actions to manage the increasing levels of uncertainty they face.

Reallocating Resources to Boost Shareholder Returns

Companies that take a dynamic approach to resource allocation outperform those that simply let their assets – both human and capital – sit still. Automotive industry leaders need to investigate the benefits that the systematic reallocation of resources can provide in terms of both total return to shareholders and in keeping their corporate strategy alive and on track.

Taking on the Automotive Supplier Perspective - Key Levers for Sustainable Value Generation

McKinsey & Company will host a one-hour live Webcast titled "Taking on the Automotive Supplier Perspective - Key Levers for Sustainable Value Generation". The McKinsey automotive team has launched an initiative focused on understanding how world-class suppliers create value and what leaders can do to snare a larger share of it for their companies.

Cost Down: Best-Practice Materials Cost Optimization

Attacking direct materials costs can pay big dividends for automotive suppliers, but success requires leaders to adhere to some proven, highly effective approaches.

Going East: Supplying China’s Automotive Market

China offers a wide variety of opportunities to automotive suppliers that are equipped to address the many challenges inherent in conducting business in this massive market. Learn why success requires leaders to thoroughly understand both the upside potential and the downside risk of doing business in the country, as well as to ensure that their go-to-market strategies reflect these realities.

Designing-in Profits: Supplier Value-Based Pricing

Suppliers face a grueling competitive environment in today’s automotive industry, and as a result need to step up their game from a pricing perspective. A new dual-path approach to effective pricing can help suppliers hold onto more of the value they produce.

Cooperating to Win – Perspective on Key Success Factors

Successful cooperative initiatives within the auto industry are relatively rare, but McKinsey research and experience suggests that such partnerships can outperform mergers and acquisitions. Learn more about the key success factors that winning competitors use to interact with and benefit from one another.

Optimizing Dealer Incentives and Vehicle Promotions

The front lines in the automotive market rely upon an intelligent supply of dealer incentives and promotions. But OEMs often miss the mark in this context because they lack the information they need. McKinsey and Company's comprehensive approach can help sales managers and marketers achieve their targets more effectively, requiring them to rethink standard volume-based approaches and pursue profitability.

Cooperating to Compete in Today's Automotive Industry

Getting along in the automotive industry once meant going your own way. Instead of OEMs competing relentlessly against each other, recent industry changes point to the increased advantages of cooperating. As a result, companies focused on crafting their own sustainable strategies might instead consider occasionally pursuing "win-win" alliances.

By the Numbers: Benchmarking Automotive Success

As competition reaches threshold levels in the global automotive industry, OEMs need to know where they excel, where they can improve, and where they need to launch aggressive programs to lift their performance as quickly as possible. Learn how a solid benchmarking effort can enable companies to uncover what separates the best from the rest.