Detlev Mohr

Senior Partner, Stuttgart, Germany

  • Senior Partner, based in the Stuttgart Office
  • Serves clients in the automotive, assembly, engineering, and equipment industry on strategic, organizational, transformational, and M&A topics around the globe


An Integrated Perspective on the Future of Mobility

How will city dwellers get around a decade or more from now? McKinsey shares some out-of-the-box ideas and three potential models for cities based on their current and expected future characteristics.

How Start-ups Are Accelerating the Automotive Industry

As major changes loom for incumbent automotive players, an expanding group of new entrants is clamoring at the industry gates. Will they be friends, or foes? 

Disruptive Trends that will transform the Automotive Industry

Several technology-driven trends are converging that will transform the automotive industry into a software- and services-focused landscape. To survive, industry players need to acquire a set of new skills that range from becoming excellent software developers to cooperating with peers and new entrants so that they can achieve the positions they need to survive.

Launching a New Product Globally in the Auto Aftermarket

As emerging markets continue to mature worldwide, they provide new openings for automotive aftermarket players to introduce specialty products. Finding ways to assess these markets effectively, however, can be a challenge, as can choosing and training the best partners. Learn how aftermarket players can launch new products and accessories in multiple markets on time and without going over budget.

Profiling the Car Markets in the Middle East and North Africa

Vibrant, shapeable, and diverse, the car markets of the Middle East and North Africa offer OEMs significant opportunities for growth as incomes rise and demographics turn favorable.

Phase Shifting: Assessing EVs in Europe

The trajectory and ultimate scale of EV adoption in Europe remains uncertain. However, developments to date and some indicators looking forward suggest significant potential. This article offers a fact-based perspective on the status and current developments of the e-mobility ecosystem in Europe.

Autonomous Cars: Anticipating the Driverless Age

Autonomous cars are coming and could fundamentally change society's mobility demands and the automotive industry's competitive dynamics. In Part 2 of McKinsey & Company's series on the connected car, the authors show why the automotive industry's traditional players – along with a growing number of companies that are finding new opportunities in automotive – need to anticipate the profit pool shifts that connectivity will likely drive as it increasingly disrupts the value chain.

Innovating Automotive Retail

Automotive retail is changing fast around the world as disruptive new technologies enter the fray and customer expectations rise. McKinsey's 2013 Retail Innovation Consumer Survey describes the forces driving these changes and offers advice to OEMs and dealers alike for coping in a more turbulent future.

Creating a Market-Driven Business Model

Creating innovative business models gives businesses key advantages over their competitors, but how can companies do it consistently? A good place to start involves a three-week diagnostic that can provide a solid platform from which leaders can explore and discuss key business model issues.

Manufacturing Resource Productivity

Over the past decade, supplies of various natural resources have become more scarce and thus, more expensive and subject to price volatility. Nevertheless, the changing resource landscape also creates opportunities. In order to capture these possibilities, companies must embark on a journey to transform their operations and dramatically increase resource productivity.

Supplier Perspective: How Automotive Suppliers Create Value

Automotive suppliers face some of the most difficult challenges in one of the toughest global industries there is. McKinsey has developed a comprehensive look at the issues facing suppliers, along with a selection of tools and approaches that can help companies achieve their goals.

Mobility of the Future

A McKinsey team has taken a look back and analyzed the complete mobility market over the past 40 years. In addition, the team has conducted an extensive consumer survey in the German market. The resulting focus topics center around business segments in which OEMs can grow beyond their traditional business model and the exciting future opportunities OEMs have in the fields of media integration and car sharing.

Western EPC Companies: Tackling the New Economy

McKinsey & Company has developed a comprehensive four-part approach that addresses several trends affecting Western engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies (i.e., players involved in designing and building large-scale plants for industrial companies, mostly in the chemicals and steel sectors) in the new economic environment. These trends include a decline in the number of new projects, increasing margin pressure as customers try to optimize capital expenditures, increasing competition in higher-growth markets from low-cost players, and the growth in demand for clean technologies. Learn how Western EPC companies can better position themselves for future growth.

Keeping Score: Boosting the Controller's Operational Clarity

Today's automakers require greater reporting clarity in order to effectively manage their multi-brand, multi-region businesses. By combining traditional financial data with key operational indicators, companies can create the transparency they need to make informed decisions quickly and confidently.