Delna Hataria

Senior Research Manager, Mumbai, India


Can India Become Asia’s Next Automotive Manufacturing Hub?

Increasing numbers of automotive players are exploring the benefits of expanding their Asian manufacturing footprints in India as China’s economy slows. Those efforts coincide with new national efforts to double the amount manufacturing contributes to India’s GDP.

What India Can Learn from China's Automotive Experience

With China's automotive market slowing and other BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) markets also exhibiting lower growth, India finds itself increasingly well positioned to improve its standing among emerging markets. As it anticipates future success, the country can learn a number of lessons from China's experience.

Profiling the Global Tire Industry

The global tire industry is currently in a state of flux, driven by the rising demand for tires in emerging markets and the slowing growth experienced in developed economies. As industry value begins to shift away from big volume segments such as mass-market OE passenger car tires and toward OTR and aftermarket plays, global incumbent tire makers need to position themselves for a new set of competitive dynamics.

On a Roll: Profiling India's Tire Market

India's tire industry is poised for attractive growth in both domestic and export markets. With the adoption of tubeless and radial tire technologies, local players are seeking to sustain their competitive positions against multinational company tire companies, which are investing heavily in new capacity. Learn how leading domestic players can take advantage of their strong brand recognition and quality performance to lock-in Indian consumers, while investing to gain a foothold in tire markets worldwide.

Profiling India’s Automotive Aftermarket

India's automotive aftermarket presents a solid opportunity for automotive suppliers and other interested global players. The market is in transition as margins tighten, providing openings for consolidators to roll up under-scale players and introduce new business models.

Electric Vehicle Prospects in India

India's electric vehicle (EV) industry remains in an early stage of development, and while public and private efforts to support and sustain the market have begun, more must be done. Among the urgent needs are an increased emphasis on consumer education about EVs to spur awareness and new public-private partnerships focused on developing EV charging infrastructure.

India's Automotive Industry: Commercial Vehicle Sales Take Off

India's commercial vehicle (CV) market emerged as a high-growth sector at the turn of the century. But despite the CV market's recent recession-driven slowdown, industry observers expect it to continue expanding robustly, generating new opportunities for industry players and new entrants. But success will require CV OEMs to understand the changing shipping industry structure and customer dynamics. 

India's Automotive Industry: Passenger Cars

India's passenger car market continues to prosper, driven by rising incomes and new customer segments. As the evolving market begins to reach younger buyers in lower employment positions, OEMs need to re-assess their strategies in terms of products, pricing, and sales and service.

Spare Profits: India's Automotive Parts Aftermarket

India's automotive parts aftermarket promises strong growth and above-average profits. But its evolving nature could create uncertainty if industry players lack a strategic plan for moving forward.