David Sprengel

Partner, Munich, Germany


Giving Automotive Sales a “Nudge” with Behavioral Economics

Dealers employ bagfuls of schemes and stratagems to get consumers to buy their cars, but most don’t know about one of the most effective persuasion techniques out there. A new way to move the metal uses behavioral economics to “nudge” consumers to sign on the dotted line. 

B2B Solution Selling Comes of Age

Among business-to-business manufacturers, integrated solution sales could soon become a major new opportunity. To succeed, companies need to combine a profound understanding of customer pain points in specific industries with the ability to define potential solutions across business units.

Profiling Thailand's Light Vehicle Market

While Thailand's automotive prospects for the future seem attractive, the country faces a number of challenges that if not proactively addressed could make future success more difficult to achieve. Issues range from political instability to a lack of future workers. OEMs and suppliers that position themselves on the right side of these issues should enjoy strong competitive advantages going forward.

Boosting a Global Automaker's Local Sales Performance

McKinsey & Company's Sales Navigator can help multinational automotive OEMs boost the performance of their local sales companies by providing detailed insights regarding their performance compared to peers. Industry leaders focused on achieving sales excellence across their global organization can start this process by harnessing the Sales Navigator's power

McKinsey Report: Advanced Marketing and Sales for Advanced Industries

Marketing and sales (M&S) can be an invaluable source of competitive advantage within the Advanced Industries sector. However, the power of M&S is often underestimated, playing second fiddle to "technical" functions in terms of CEO priorities. McKinsey & Company's new brochure covering 10 vital M&S topics reveals how taking a step forward in terms of sophistication and mastery in M&S can quickly pay off.

Margin Optimization in Customized Products and Solutions

Maximizing B2B project gross margins can be a key source of value for customized, high-value equipment and products in the industrial space. Although several levers are available, industry players often find this to be a difficult exercise. Success requires a robust method, a consistent approach, and a culture that focuses on margins.