David Kohn

Knowledge Specialist, New York


Best of Best – Benchmarking the Intrinsic Performance of Automotive Players

Automotive and assembly players that want to have a clear idea of their standing compared to their competitors and of how they can improve their position in the eyes of investors are good candidates for Best of Best (BoB) benchmarking. While not a panacea, this benchmarking approach gives leaders the insights they need to improve their performance both internally and in terms of the company's financial market attractiveness.

Regions vs. Segments: Granularity of Growth in the Automotive Industry

Which strategic question is more important for an automotive player: Where to play or how to play? Learn the surprising answer in Part 4 of McKinsey & Company's series on automotive corporate finance, which examines the industry through a "granularity of growth" lens.

Capital Intensity: Finding Ways to Ease the Investment Burden for Automotive OEMs

Given the automotive industry's inherent appetite for capital, contract manufacturing offers a key route for automotive players to be able to reduce their asset bases in increasingly volatile markets. Part 3 of McKinsey & Company's series on automotive corporate finance reveals how this approach can provide automotive OEMs with a new strategic choice and why it will be a core topic in future capital market discussions of company valuations in highly cyclical industries such as automotive.  

Driving Change: 10 Megatrends Shaping the Automotive Industry's Future. Part 2

What trends will shape the global automotive industry through 2020 and how could they change the competitive landscape? McKinsey & Company has identified 10 trends that will a have major impact on the sector's future.  

Creating Value in the Automotive Industry: Part 1

Financial markets often steeply discount automotive industry performance. Find out why, and what OEMs and suppliers can do about it in Part 1 of McKinsey & Company's series on unlocking the automotive industry's true value potential.

Perspectives on Value Creation in the Automotive Industry

Why do investors view the automotive industry the way they do, and what can OEMs and suppliers do about it? Find out by attending the Automotive & Assembly Extranet’s webcast on “2013 update on value creation in automotive industry” this April 24th at 1400 CET.

Successful value-generation strategies in Automotive Industry

In 2012, volumes and profitability in the automotive industry have recovered more quickly than expected. But capital markets valuation of OEMs and suppliers generally remain below pre-crisis levels, as significant uncertainties remain regarding future profitability. Decomposing OEM and supplier capital markets performance along key drivers reveals a significant polarization between winners and median players. This Webcast will provide an overview of successful and failed OEM archetypes, and will summarize the results of McKinsey's profit pool and valuation forecast models. McKinsey experts Jean-Hugues Monier (New York), David Kohn (New York), and Harald Deubener (Stuttgart) will discuss potential strategies for OEM archetypes for how to best address this situation (strengthening existing business versus fundamental transformation).

Down but not out: How automakers can create value in an uncertain future

The global automotive industry has out-delivered recently, but still doesn’t get the respect it deserves. McKinsey examines the forces at work, and asks whether the industry can find a sustainable path to future value creation.