Dave Rogers

Partner, Toronto, Canada


Facing China's Operational Challenges in Automotive

As China's boom market for automotive products begins to mature, automakers need to focus more attention on the operational side of their business in order to meet new market demands and maintain profitable growth levels. Learn more about the changing competitive environment in the world's largest automotive market.

Cut Development Time and Raise Standards with Quality Gates

By cutting development time while improving quality, quality gates can help take emerging-market OEMs to the next competitive level in a world of virtual design.

Scaling the Great Wall: Exploring China Sourcing Options

Traditional supplier selection processes that treat vendors in an impersonal, "hands-off" manner have been less successful in China in recent years. Faced with yet another "Western RFQ," many competent Chinese suppliers either use them to prepare trainees or drop out in mid-stream due to misunderstandings. Learn how McKinsey & Company's "high touch" approach to China sourcing provides demonstrably better supplier retention performance throughout the sourcing process.