Daniel Zipser

Senior Partner, Shanghai, China


Savvy and Sophisticated: Meet China’s Evolving Car Buyers

Chinese car buyers continue to change rapidly, from primarily first-time buyers just a decade or so ago to today’s far more knowledgeable shoppers. To keep up with the latest shifts in consumer behaviors and attitudes, McKinsey recently interviewed approximately 5,800 consumers who had recently purchased cars in the past year. The results suggest major changes ahead for the industry.

Finding the Fast Lane: Emerging Trends in China’s Automotive Market

A new survey on China’s new car consumers paints a contrasting picture of slowing growth, expanding car-buying sophistication, and potentially attractive customer segments through 2020. Ride along as McKinsey explores the changing dynamics of the world’s largest automotive market.

China's Car Dealers: Bust or New Boom?

As China's automotive retail market environment becomes more complex, dealer groups need to concentrate on achieving operational excellence in order to maintain their profitability. Many groups will have to diversify their business portfolios to sustain profitable growth, and in the process embrace digital innovations to provide superior customer experience. Learn how leaders can effectively blunt the cash-draining forces currently at work in the industry and position their organizations to ride China's next auto retailing S-curve

2009 Chinese Consumer Study: One Country, Many Markets

Yesterday’s one-size-fits-all approach to marketing in China doesn’t offer the degree of differentiation companies need today to reach Chinese consumers in the country’s more than 800 cities. Learn how McKinsey & Company’s ClusterMap approach can help marketers effectively target the consumers they need to reach.

2009 Chinese Consumer Study: Impact of Global Financial Crisis Limited

Will Chinese consumers lock their pocketbooks and curtail spending as a result of the global financial crisis, or continue their established shopping patterns? Find out as Part One of McKinsey’s 2009 survey of Chinese consumers examines their behavior during the financial downturn.

McKinsey China Auto Consumer Insights 2019

Following years of strong growth, China’s automotive market has hit a few speed bumps. While the market will ultimately recover, automakers can take steps now to maintain a competitive stance, according to McKinsey’s 2019 China Auto Consumer Insights survey.