Christopher Thomas

Partner, Beijing, China


How Advanced Industrial Companies Should Approach Artificial-Intelligence Strategy

Artificial intelligence could drive business changes unmatched since the invention of the steam engine, but the hype and uncertainty surrounding it can mislead companies into pursuing the wrong strategies. Leaders need to determine what AI can do for their companies in terms of potential applications and scenarios, and build their approaches around those findings. 

Perspectives on the Automotive Semiconductor Market

Long product development cycles, high durability and reliability thresholds, necessarily conservative customers, and a fragmented supplier landscape characterize the automotive semiconductor industry. Companies interested in entering this market need to understand that securing work will likely involve a multiyear effort - and so they need to plan accordingly.

Webcast: Asia Autonomous Vehicles

McKinsey is set out to understand the growth drivers of Asia autonomous vehicles and provide a general early perspectives on how the entire automotive ecosystem will evolve in the light of this development.

How China Will Help Fuel the Revolution in Autonomous Vehicles

China already has the world’s leading automotive market; could it ultimately feature the biggest autonomous vehicle market as well? McKinsey makes the case that with the right enablers, it could happen.