Asutosh Padhi

Senior Partner, Chicago, USA

Asutosh Padhi is a Senior Partner in the Chicago Office. He is the leader of the Americas A&A industry practice, as well as one of the global convenors of the Advanced Industries practice. His client work has anchored around serving high performing iconic industrial companies around functional, business unite and enterprise transformations. These transformations involve a combination of strategic, organizational and operation topics. The role of the advisor has morphed into becoming an impact partner. Other relevant information includes:

  • previously leading McKinsey's Operations Practice, as well as Product Development practice, both globally
  • spearheading the development of McKinsey’s global network of Design Labs, which clients can use to examine their products and those of competitors, allowing them to identify strategies for increasing customer value
  • leading the acquisition of Lunar Design, a top notch industrial design Firm that we now operate as a new venture
  • leading McKinsey’s Americas Product Development Leaders Roundtable, a peer-to-peer best practices forum for R&D and product development leaders from Fortune 500 organizations
  • writing several publications on topics ranging from the future of manufacturing in the United States to how companies can create competitive advantage during the downturn through Research & Development

Asutosh holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.


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