Arnt-Philipp Hein

Partner, Munich, Germany


Webcast: Rolling Stock Perspective

The companies that supply railway rolling stock face major technical, financial, and structural disruptions according to a new McKinsey report. Facing heavy consolidation and pricing pressures, industry players need to navigate a series of challenges in their quest to capture a share of the industry’s profits. To find out, please log into the A&A extranet on January, 20, 2017, from 14:00 to 15:00 CET

Automobility: Exploring Future Mobility Options

The modern mobility market is very complex, consisting of many moving parts. Part 5 of McKinsey & Company's series on automotive corporate finance reveals why understanding the sector's trends will be key to addressing future challenges and capitalizing on opportunities.

Forging Secure Supply Chains

Because supply chains stretch farther than ever today and the threats to them have increased, gaining a better understanding of the issues surrounding this critical topic has become a paramount concern for many companies. It also provides an opening for those interested in entering this market. Learn more about three approaches that can help leaders achieve both goals.

Bigger, Better, Broader: A Perspective on China's Automotive Market in 2020

Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated about cars, following the path of consumers in Japan and the West. Millions are preparing to upgrade to bigger, higher-priced models. At the same time, they are displaying increasingly diverse behavior and needs. Learn why automakers, in order to prepare for the Chinese market of the future, need to invest in better understanding these evolving consumer attitudes.

Mobility Survey: French Consumers Moved by Connectivity and Ecology

McKinsey & Company's mobility survey of French consumers reveals greater demand for connectivity and environmentally friendly means of transport, as well as increased use of car sharing. Learn why transportation providers need to develop an intimate knowledge of these needs and trends, and use them to plan new options for the future.

Mapping Mobility: What US Consumers Want in Cars

Could it be that the US love affair with cars is over? To find out, McKinsey & Company conducted an online survey of about 3,700 US adults with an eye toward more clearly understanding their current and future mobility patterns as well as corresponding needs while traveling.

Optimizing Printed Circuit Board Costs

As printed circuit boards (PCBs) continue to proliferate on the vehicle platform, companies face greater pressure to optimize their cost base in order to remain globally competitive. The four-step process described in this article can help leaders achieve their cost-savings goals without compromising quality, reliability, or durability.

Car Sharing: The New Face of Mobility?

Car sharing could offer huge growth opportunities, especially in cities, but many automakers fear it could suppress sales. McKinsey & Company research helps separate fact from fiction regarding this new business model and suggests that car sharing could help OEMs, the environment, and urban areas simultaneously.

Mobile Media Connectivity – Off-Limits Business or Sleeping Value Pool Giant?

Passenger demands for seamless digital media and content-based services must not go unanswered by automotive OEMs. By taking ownership of the customers' screen in the automobile, OEMs have the potential to create immense value as well as profit from the time spent in the car. But automakers need to develop a holistic strategy that provides the customer with the desired seamlessly integrated content solutions.

Mobility Choices: Consumers at the Wheel

A McKinsey & Company survey of German consumers reveals a wide variety of mobility profiles and requirements, which makes the task of meeting their future needs challenging. Learn why future success requires automakers to cultivate an intimate knowledge of these needs and then use it to plan new options, such as car sharing.

Mobility Matrix: Profiling Global Mobility Choices

Moving people and goods around the world is big business, worth EUR 6.4 trillion. McKinsey & Company’s Mobility Matrix enables automotive players to identify and target high-growth opportunities in the larger mobility market.