Alexander Krieg

Partner, Stuttgart, Germany


Launching a New Product Globally in the Auto Aftermarket

As emerging markets continue to mature worldwide, they provide new openings for automotive aftermarket players to introduce specialty products. Finding ways to assess these markets effectively, however, can be a challenge, as can choosing and training the best partners. Learn how aftermarket players can launch new products and accessories in multiple markets on time and without going over budget.

Profiling the Car Markets in the Middle East and North Africa

Vibrant, shapeable, and diverse, the car markets of the Middle East and North Africa offer OEMs significant opportunities for growth as incomes rise and demographics turn favorable.

The Road to 2020 and Beyond: What's Driving the Global Automotive Industry?

What does the future hold for the global automotive industry? Read what McKinsey & Company experts have to say as they consider the opportunities and challenges industry players will face in the coming decade.