Will Artificial Intelligence Make You A Better Leader?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be a huge help to leaders focused on becoming more agile and those seeking creative transformation approaches. When a CEO puts AI to work on the company’s toughest and most complex strategic challenges, he or she must rely on the same set of practices that build personal inner agility.

By sending AI out into a complex environment without knowing in advance what it will bring back, the CEO is embracing the discovery of original, unexpected, and breakthrough ideas. This is a way to test and move on from long-held organizational beliefs and prejudices, and to reframe key questions in radical terms to find entirely new kinds of solutions.

The best thing about AI solutions is their testability. AI creates its own empirical feedback loop that allows leaders to think about their companies as experimental science labs focused on transformation and performance improvement. The hard science of AI can be just what leaders need to ask the kind of broad questions that lay the foundation for meaningful progress.