The Rail Sector’s Changing Maintenance Game

The rail sector has not escaped digitization’s disruptive impact. In this industry, fleet reliability drives increased efficiency and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) performance. As a result, big data and advanced analytics solutions such as condition-based and predictive maintenance represent a great opportunity to yield the next big efficiency leap in maintenance. These solutions can reduce the number of failures for rail operators, the amount of unplanned maintenance and, eventually, the required levels of reserve asset capacity.

While a definite plus for the entire rail sector, one segment – rolling stock manufacturers – should capture significant opportunities from digitization. Rolling stock OEMs face increasing competitive pressure from new entrants and the consolidation of new fleet business. In this environment, big data and advanced analytics platforms can deliver revenue-boosting, intelligent, turnkey solutions such as condition-based and predictive maintenance to help OEMs target more elements of the value chain with intelligent maintenance solutions.

Extensive research both within the sector and among the most successful players at digitization in adjacent industries reveals pragmatic recommendations that can help rail operators as well as rolling stock OEMs prepare for the upcoming changes the sector faces.