The Board Perspective

A collection of McKinsey insights focusing on boards of directors

McKinsey & Company has published the second edition of The Board Perspective: A collection of McKinsey insights focusing on boards of directors. The research draws on interviews with successful chairs, global surveys of board directors, work with boards around the globe, and the deep experience of experts. The report’s contents cover three topics:

  • The role of the board: Which activities should the board engage in, and how? Contents range from how activist investors are transforming the role of corporate boards to four questions to ask when serving on nonprofit boards. 
  • Board structure and foundations: What mix of capabilities and experiences will meet the increasing expectations of stakeholders? The section explores how to accelerate the gender diversity of boards and gender diversity in the boardroom and beyond. 
  • Board effectiveness: How can companies increase the overall impact of their boards? Subjects include a time for boards to act and Nokia’s next chapter.