The analytics academy: Bridging the gap between human and artificial intelligence

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the defining business opportunities for leaders today. Closely associated with it: the challenge of creating an organization that can rise to that opportunity and exploit the potential of AI at scale.

Meeting this challenge requires organizations to prepare their leaders, business staff, analytics teams, and end users to work and think in new ways—not only by helping these cohorts understand how to tap into AI effectively, but also by teaching them to embrace data exploration, agile development, and interdisciplinary teamwork.

While hiring new talent can address immediate resource needs, such as those required to rapidly build out an organization’s AI practice at the start, it sidesteps a critical need for most organizations: broad capability building across all levels. This is best accomplished by training current employees.

The answer to the talent challenge, in our experience, is creating an in-house analytics academy. These bespoke analytics-training centers are a relatively new development, and our experience to date suggests that they will soon move from early adoption by select organizations to core elements of the AI transformations that lie ahead for most companies.