Reserve a Seat – The Future of Mobility is Arriving Early

This article has been developed by the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility. 

The McKinsey Center for Future Mobility has issued a compendium of insights on the changing landscape of the mobility sector. It suggests the industry has reached a distinct tipping point as it moves from thinking, talking about, and planning for future mobility to actually implementing it. 

The report reviews start-up and investment trends in the mobility ecosystem, and makes the case for rethinking car software and electronics architecture, given the expected enormous changes ahead due to autonomous vehicles and increased car connectivity. 

It examines the potential for vehicle-borne artificial intelligence to become a powerful new growth and value engine for auto companies, and reveals a new framework for understanding and melding car connectivity advances and user experience

The report assesses the global electric vehicle market, identifying the forces driving its dynamic rise, shows the results from a teardown of the latest EVs and what it suggests about the future of mass-market EVs, and looks at the issues surrounding EV charging infrastructure demand. 

Finally, the report examines the implications for cost, customers and competition in the last-mile ecosystem