Elements of Success: Urban Transportation Systems of 24 Global Cities

McKinsey & Company has published a report that reviews the transportation systems in 24 major cities worldwide across five metrics: transportation availability, affordability, efficiency, convenience, and sustainability. Highlights include:

  • Safety leads by a wide margin as the most important aspect of transport systems, according to both experts and residents. The second most important topic is transport efficiency, after which residents and experts rank public transport affordability, availability, convenience, and ecological sustainability as critical to a well-functioning system. 
  • Singapore, Moscow, and Beijing are examples of balanced cities in terms of public transport provision. 
  • In terms of private transport, Madrid, Hong Kong, Berlin, and Tokyo have similar positions across all indicators. However, some cities make extreme achievements in some areas and see acceptable performance in others. For example, Paris provides distinctive safety and road infrastructure, and Toronto has strong road infrastructure, efficiency, and safety. 
  • In all cities analyzed, residents indicate greater satisfaction with public transport than with private. Private transport remains the main pain point in most cities—only in five of 24 cities are there more satisfied respondents than unsatisfied ones.